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Pure White Phalaenopsis Orchid Houseplant

  • - Pet Safe: Yes
  • - Care Level: Medium
  • - Space Required: 16 inches
  • - Thrives In Rooms With: East or West facing windows
  • - Each 5-Inch Pot contains 1 Pure White Phalaenopsis Orchid Houseplant
Plant Features

The Pure White Phalaenopsis Orchid, often referred to as the "Moth Orchid," is celebrated for its elegant and pristine white blooms that convey a sense of sophistication and tranquility. This orchid variety is distinguished by its arching branches of large, flat, white flowers, which can last for several months. The glossy, broad green leaves at the base of the plant add to its aesthetic appeal. Phalaenopsis Orchids are among the most popular orchids for indoor cultivation due to their beauty and relatively straightforward care requirements.

When troubleshooting, wilting or drooping flowers could indicate underwatering, overwatering, or a sudden change in temperature. Ensure the plant is watered properly and kept in a stable environment. Yellowing leaves are often a sign of overwatering or poor drainage. Allow the growing medium to dry out slightly between waterings. Healthy roots should be firm and green. If they are brown and mushy, it’s a sign of overwatering. Ensure good drainage and proper watering practices. Insufficient light is a common reason for an orchid not blooming. Place it in a location with bright, indirect light.

Attribute name Attribute value
Plant Needs
Sunlight Indirect, Bright - within 2-3' of a window
Watering Needs Allow the top of the soil to dry before watering
Fertilizer Every other week
Humidity Level High (a humidifier must be in the room)
Temperature 65-75 F
Care Level Green Thumb (plants require a little effort)
Attribute name Attribute value
Plant Characteristics
Height Category 12-24 inches
Mature Spread 6-12 inches
Habit Upright
Flower Color White
Foliage Color Green
Garden Styles Houseplant
Pet Friendly Yes