Amygdaloides Euphorbia Plant (Spurge)
Amygdaloides Euphorbia Plant (Spurge)

Amygdaloides Euphorbia Plant (Spurge)

Full Sun to Part Sun (3+ hours)Moist to Dry20-inches tall x 30-inches wide
Plant Features

Amygdaloides Euphorbia is the perfect choice for any difficult spot in your garden. Highly adaptable to a wide range of conditions, this hardy plant will add a splash of green wherever you choose to plant it.  Beautiful as ground cover, it spreads to create a carpet of shiny, thick, green leaves from which tall, electric green, cupped flowers arise in summer.

Plant Needs
Preferred Sunlight: Full Sun to Part Sun (3+ hours)
Preferred Soil Moisture: Moist to Dry
Fertilizer Needs: When transplanted and then once every Spring
Tolerates: Sandy soil
Survives Winter in Zones: 6, 7, 8, 9
Plant Characteristics
Habit: Mounded
Mature Plant Size: 20-inches tall x 30-inches wide
Flower Color: Yellow
Bloom Time: May, June
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