Blanket® Double Chardonnay Petunia
Blanket® Double Chardonnay Petunia

Blanket® Double Chardonnay Petunia

Price: 8.95
Each 2.5-Inch Pot contains 1 Blanket® Double Chardonnay Petunia Plant
Full Sun (6+ hours of direct sunlight)Moist10-inches tall x 24-inches wide
Plant Features

Blanket® Double Chardonnay Petunia Plants are covered in frilly white double blossoms with buttery yellow centers. These incredible  double blooms quickly fill your containers and cover a lot of ground in the landscape! The perfect choice for cascading over the tops of your containers or spilling over a rock wall. Pluck off spent blooms throughout the season to encourage more flowering. Petunia flowers produce a sugary nectar that hummingbirds and butterflies love.

Blanket Double Petunias Companion Plants: Gaura, Salvia, Lobelia, Snapdragon, Coleus

Blanket® Double Chardonnay Petunia Plant Care Instructions: For optimal performance, keep your plants well-watered. Choose containers with functioning drain holes as petunias will not tolerate wet feet. Deadhead weekly. PRO TIP: Remove both the spent flower and its stem, snipping it back to where it connects with the main stem. Otherwise, the seed head will develop, and the plant will think it should slow down its flower production. Trimming will help keep your petunias looking fresh all season long.

Here are our favorite methods:

  1. Trim a third of the plant back by a third, this should be done every other week, cycling through the three areas.
  2. Find the longest stems that only have one flower and trim them to the main stem, this method should be done weekly.
  3. The most drastic approach would be to trim back the complete plant by 1/3 every 6 weeks.
Plant Characteristics
Bloom Time: Continuous
Attracts: Butterflies, Hummingbirds
Flower Color: White
Mature Plant Size: 10-inches tall x 24-inches wide
Habit: Mounded
Plant Needs
Light Level: Full Sun (6+ hours of direct sunlight)
Overwinter Zones: 9, 10, 11
Soil Moisture: Moist, Well-drained
Fertilizer: Weekly
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