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Crassula Plants

Crassula plants, commonly called Jade Plant, offer some of the most diverse shapes and textures of all succulents. Grow well indoors or outside in the garden. Our Crassula plants for sale are shipped with well-established root systems. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Price 7.55
Each 2.5-Inch Pot contains 1 plant
‘Campfire’ Crassula Plant is a tender, soft succulent with simply brilliant coloration. With its orangey-red and vibrant spring green leaves, it resembles its namesake both in color and in form. Its elongated leaves grow upright on sturdy stems that can reach 20 inches in height, just like a campfire’s flames. Campfire yields its white blossoms in the wintertime and will appreciate a southern exposure if brought indoors.
20" H x 10" W, Annual, Sun/Pt.Shade