Emerald 'N Gold Euonymus
Emerald 'N Gold Euonymus

Emerald 'N Gold Euonymus

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- Wintercreeper

- Height: 1-2 feet

- Hardiness Zone: 5-9

- Exposure: Part Sun-Full Sun

- Each Quart contains 1 Emerald 'N Gold Euonymus Plant

Plant Features

The Emerald 'N Gold Euonymus Plant is a more upright growing variety of wintercreeper. This broadleaf evergreen is most often kept pruned to be compact, but if allowed to grow unhindered, it can grow quite a bit taller and wider than its normal 2 to 3-feet. Its leaves are variegated, being green along the midrib with deep, golden yellow margins. In the fall you may see a touch of pink. 'Emerald 'N Gold' seems to have a mind of its own as some branches stand completely upright and others trail along the ground a while before turning up at the tips.

Companion Planting: Aster, Grasses, Juniper

Plant Characteristics
Mature Spread: 3-4 feet
Habit: Mounded
Foliage Color: Variegated
Garden Styles: Container Garden, Japanese Garden, Rock Garden
Plant Used for: Aesthetic Appeal, Borders and Edging, Focal Point, Hedges
Pet Friendly: No
Plant Type: Hybrid
Plant Needs
Sunlight: 4-6+ hours with some afternoon sun
Soil Moisture: Moist to Dry
Soil Properties: Well-drained
Tolerates: Clay soil, Sandy soil
Fertilizer: When transplanted and then once every Spring
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