Fubuki - Hakone Grass Plant
Fubuki - Hakone Grass Plant

Fubuki - Hakone Grass Plant

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The 'Fubuki™' Hakone Grass Plant means "snow storm" in Japanese and is so called because of the stark white, almost glowing, variegated, multiple stripes along its dark, medium-green, lance-like leaves. The leaves flush a most amazing pink as the weather turns chilly in the fall. It's expected that this newest Hakone grass will become a gardener favorite for a more colorful shade-loving garden.
Plant Features

Fubuki Hakone (Hakonechloa macra) Grass Plant

Mature Height: 8-16"
Mature Spread: 18-24"
Exposure: Partial-Full Shade
Soil Moisture: Mostly Moist, Well-drained
Soil Type: Rich, Organic
Annual except in zones 5-9

All of our 'Fubuki' Hakone plants are grown and shipped in fine quality growing medium and are guaranteed to arrive alive and ready to thrive.

Plant Needs
Light Requirement: Part Shade, Full Shade
Soil Moisture: Moist
Fertilizer Needs: Once In The Spring
Survives Winter in Zones: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Plant Characteristics
Garden Height: 16-Inches
Mature Spread: 24-Inches
Foliage Color: Varigated
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