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Garden Trellis Netting

Garden Trellis Netting holding tomatoesGarden Trellis Netting is one of the most convenient additions to your flower or vegetable garden that you can use. It is strong, weatherproof, reusable and suitable for just about any garden project that involves plants that vine or climb. It will not damage your tender plants as it does not absorb heat like more conventional trellises.

Any vegetable that tends to climb, like green beans or peas will grow beautifully on this sturdy, durable, nylon trellis. It is so adaptable and strong that you can even grow squash, cucumbers or melons, greatly decreasing the room that these particular plants need to grow; thereby increasing your harvest of other vegetables in your garden plot. You can even grow your tomatoes within the confines of an a-frame trellis, or along an upright trellis, easily harvesting the fruit through the large 7" openings in the netting.

Climbing flowers or vines also grow well on the Garden Trellis Netting. Because the netting is finer than wood, metal or vinyl trellises and more adaptable, you can grow your climbing plants just about anywhere. Just attach the Trellis Netting to the side of your house, a fence, or simply attach to the top of a pole set into the ground and watch the magic happen!

A little imagination goes a long way to creating your own special uses for this amazing garden enhancement. You can plan for vines to grow in any number of shapes or even as a 3-sided square around a seating area. The possibilities are endless, but here are a couple of the most common ways to use Garden Trellis Netting:

  • Garden Trellis For Vertical Planting: You will need two strong end supports; they can be wood, vinyl or metal. You will also need a strong wire that runs across the top (weaved through the netting) from one end support to the other. This will keep the top from sagging on heavy loads.
  • Garden Trellis For A-frame Planting: You will need the same two supports and top wire. You can make your supports as tall or short as you desire. After you get it draped over the top you will need to use stakes or our heavy-duty wire staples to hold the sides out where you want them.

Garden Trellis Netting is proudly made in the USA. There is also an unconditional lifetime guarantee that states: '…if your net should fail for any reason, we will send you a replacement at no charge!

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