Headliner Sky Petunia Plants

Headliner™ Petunias captivate with celestial patterns, introducing an unparalleled dimension of beauty and wonder. Aptly named "color-changing petunias", they boast the unique ability to alter bloom hues and designs based on temperature shifts. Deep colors form their foundation, accentuated by white speckles echoing stars, planets, and galaxies. In cooler settings, these speckles are more pronounced, while warmth emphasizes the base color. Such dynamic shifts inspire their inclusion in the Sky® Petunia series.

Despite many specialized plants sacrificing growth for aesthetics, the Sky® Petunia series excels in both beauty and vitality. Beyond their visual charm, these petunias are compact, bloom prolifically, and feature lush foliage, earning them a favored spot among gardeners.

Their versatility is evident. Though they thrive in-ground, their celestial allure is most pronounced in containers, hanging baskets, or window boxes. Introduce them to your garden today, and let it mirror the infinite wonders of the cosmos.