Lemon Frost Phygelius Plant
Lemon Frost Phygelius Plant

Lemon Frost Phygelius Plant

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Full Sun to Part Sun (3+ hours)Moist36-inches tall x 36-inches wide
Plant Features

The Lemon Frost Phygelius Plant has heart-shaped, blue-green foliage that is mostly unremarkable, except for a very light silvery dusting. It will, though, remain green long after it has grown too cold for blossoms and is often grown as an evergreen in milder climates, such as that of the west coast. Lemon Frost Cape Fuchsia is grown for its huge clusters of lemony-yellow tubular flowers that attract those whimsical and fun hummingbirds like nobody's business.

Companion Planting: Achillea, Aster, Coreopsis, Hemerocallis, Salvia

Plant Needs
Preferred Sunlight: Full Sun to Part Sun (3+ hours)
Preferred Soil Moisture: Moist
Fertilizer Needs: When transplanted and then once every Spring
Survives Winter in Zones: 7, 8, 9, 10
Plant Characteristics
Habit: Upright
Mature Plant Size: 36-inches tall x 36-inches wide
Mature Spread: 36-Inches
Flower Color: Yellow
Bloom Time: May, June, July, August
Attracts: Bees, Birds, Butterflies, Hummingbirds
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