Lithops Living Stones
Lithops Living Stones

Lithops Living Stones

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Part Sun (4-6 hours, including some afternoon sun)Dry
Plant Features
Lithops, commonly called living stones, are a very peculiar type of plant, that seems to resemble pebbles. They grow extremely slow, and are flush with the ground. The watering of Lithops can be very difficult to get right. In late summer, the plant will go 'dormant' and all watering needs to stop to prevent burst leaves. The white or yellow flowers appear near the end of summer or fall, first showing up as a small bud forcing its way between the leaves. It's safe to water during this period. During the wintertime, you'll see new leaves emerging between the current leaves. The new leaves will 'push' the old leaves out, starting new growth. As the new leaves grow, all watering should stop again. Once spring hits, it is safe to lightly water it again. Although the watering can be finicky, this houseplant has such a different look, everyone will be fawning over it.
Plant Needs
Light Level: Part Sun (4-6 hours, including some afternoon sun)
Overwinter Zones: 10, 11, 12
Soil Moisture: Dry
Tolerates: Sandy soil
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