Mythic™ Nessie™ Alocasia
Mythic™ Nessie™ Alocasia

Mythic™ Nessie™ Alocasia

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Price: 12.48
Each 5-Inch Pot contains 1 Plant
Mythic Nessie™, where every leaf tells a story

Plant Grows Well In These Rooms
  • Rooms with East-facing windows
  • Rooms with West-facing windows
Plant Features

Mythic™ Nessie™ is a diminutive Alocasia variant that is a visual delight. Each leaf, with its waxy, dark green to almost-black hue, is accentuated by striking white veins, resembling a work of art. It's also commonly known as 'African Mask', 'Polly', and 'Dwarf Amazonica'. With its beautiful foliage and easy care, the Mythic™ Nessie™ Alocasia is the perfect plant for any home.

Plant Characteristics
Mature Height: 12-18 inches
Mature Spread: 12-18 inches
Habit: Upright
Garden Styles: Houseplant
Plant Used for: Aesthetic Appeal, Focal Point, Texture, Thriller
Pet Friendly: No
Plant Needs
Light Requirement: East facing windows, West facing windows
Watering Needs: Allow the top of the soil to dry before watering
Soil Properties: Well-drained
Fertilizer: Once per month when actively growing
Temperature: 60-85 F
Humidity Level: Medium (mist every 2-3 days)
Care Level: Green Thumb (plants require a little effort)
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