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Organic Mustard Seeds

All of our Mustard Seeds for sale are certified organic and non-GMO, ensuring the plants will produce a nutritious harvest that is free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Soil temperature should be around 45 degrees before planting. Under these conditions, it normally takes 4-10 days for seeds to sprout. To ensure both freshness and quality, we hand-fill every mustard seed packet.
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Giant Red Mustard produces a Japanese leafy mustard with extra large, beautiful leaves of the deepest purplish-red with a light green underside. The flavor is considered to be medium. Giant Red has thick and tender leaves that have nice mustard pungency and are excellent for cooking; the older stems make excellent pickles. Plants are very vigorous and grow best in mild/cool climates. Sow from spring onwards to use as 'cut and come again' or in summer/autumn to over winter. Giant Red is great for salads and stir-fries. Approximately 1700 organic seeds per packet.
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Southern Giant Curled Mustard produces a mustard which is known for its zesty, spicy flavor when cooked in stir-fry and soups or when young leaves are used fresh in salads. Though most widely accepted as a ‘southern’ crop, mustard grows well in any climate, preferring cooler weather to the dog days of summer. Warm weather tends to increase the pungency of the flavor. A light frost, on the other hand, results in a slightly sweeter taste. It is easy to grow, and a good choice for containers. Approximately 1700 organic seeds per packet.