Pick A Bushel Hybrid Cucumber Plant
Pick A Bushel Hybrid Cucumber Plant

Pick A Bushel Hybrid Cucumber Plant

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- Spacing: 36 inches

- Days to Harvest: 50

- Makes for perfectly crunchy pickles

- Each 3-Inch Pot contains 2 Pick A Bushel Hybrid Cucumber Plants

Plant Features

Pick A Bushel Cucumber Plants make the best pickles! Harvest them at 3 inches for pickles, or let them grow to a full 6 inches for slices for salads and sandwiches. Compact plants grow only 2 feet high, so get your containers ready. We grow our plants organically.

We grow our Pick A Bushel Cucumber Plants organically and guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving.

Cucumber Companion Plants: Bean, Corn, Pea, Radish, Sunflower

Plant Characteristics
Garden Spacing: 18-Inches if grown vertically, 3 feet otherwise
When to harvest: When fruits are 3-4 inches long
Production Time: Multiply Pickings
Habit: Vining
Foliage Color: Green
Plant Used for: Food Production
Disease Resistance: Cucumber Mosaic Virus (CMV), Mottle Mosaic Virus (MMV), Scab (S)
Plant Type: Hybrid
Plant Needs
Sunlight: 8+ hours
Watering Needs: Consistently moist, but not waterlogged
Soil Properties: Well-drained
Tolerates: Sandy soil
Fertilizer: Every 3-4 weeks
Growing Zones: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Growing Support: Trellis, Netting
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