Prismacolor™ Birkin Philodendron Houseplant

Prismacolor™ Birkin Philodendron Houseplant
Prismacolor™ Birkin Philodendron Houseplant

- Pet Safe: No

- Care Level: Low

- Space Required: 28 inches

- Thrives In Rooms With: North or East facing windows

- Each 5-Inch Pot contains 1 Prismacolor Birkin Philodendron Houseplant

Price: 24.95
Plant Features
The Prismacolor Birkin Philodendron, also known simply as the Philodendron 'Birkin', is a distinctive and elegant houseplant known for its beautiful foliage. This plant is a relatively new variety in the Philodendron family and is highly sought after for its unique leaf patterns. The leaves are glossy and dark green with striking white or light green pinstripe variegation, which can vary from leaf to leaf. The Birkin is a compact plant, making it ideal for smaller spaces or as a decorative desk plant.

In terms of care, the Prismacolor Birkin Philodendron requires some attention to maintain its health and vibrant appearance. Yellowing leaves can be a sign of overwatering, while brown leaf tips may indicate low humidity or irregular watering. Insufficient light can lead to less pronounced variegation, but direct sunlight should be avoided as it can scorch the leaves. Regularly check for pests such as spider mites or mealybugs. The Birkin enjoys high humidity, so misting or using a humidifier can be beneficial.
Plant Characteristics
Mature Height: 1-2 feet
Mature Spread: 1-2 feet
Habit: Upright
Foliage Color: Multicolored
Garden Styles: Houseplant
Pet Friendly: No
Plant Needs
Sunlight: Indirect, Bright - within 2-3' of a window
Watering Needs: Allow the top of the soil to dry before watering
Fertilizer: Every 4-6 weeks
Humidity Level: Medium (mist every 2-3 days)
Temperature: 65-75 F
Care Level: No Thumb (plants will tolerate neglect)
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