Spider Lace Fern Plant
Spider Lace Fern Plant

Spider Lace Fern Plant

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Each Quart-Sized Pot contains 1 plant
Full Sun to Part Sun (3+ hours)Moist24-inches tall x 24-inches wide
Plant Features
Silver Lace Fern Plants bring a bold and diverse color scheme to any room! With spindly, green stems, decorated with splashes of silver, this plant takes the cake. The soil should be moist, but avoid over watering or letting the plant sit in water, this can cause root rot. Medium or bright indirect light is recommended to let this plant thrive, and avoid bleaching. This houseplant needs to be frequently misted to simulate high humidity. Truly a lovely plant that is perfect for your home.
Plant Needs
Preferred Sunlight: Full Sun to Part Sun (3+ hours)
Preferred Soil Moisture: Moist
Fertilizer Needs: When transplanted and then every 4-5 weeks
Survives Winter in Zones: 10, 11
Plant Characteristics
Habit: Upright
Mature Plant Size: 24-inches tall x 24-inches wide
Foliage Color: Variegated
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