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Each Quart-Sized Pot contains 1 plant
Full to Part Sun (4-6+ hours with afternoon sun)Moist to Dry24-inches tall x 30-inches wide
Plant Features
Spider Plants have been popular for almost a century, and they aren't going anywhere soon! With thin leaves that spread up and out, the odd look of this plant with draw anyone's eye. The ease of care is another reason this plant is so popular, it thrives in bright light, but can handle medium and low. It also likes to be watered once a week, but doesn't seem to mind if you miss a couple times. This houseplant is known to filter and clean the air in your home, and the bold green, accented by white, is a classic look that you just can't go wrong with. If the leaves start to brown, the plant doesn't have enough humidity. We recommend misting the plant once and a while to keep it fresh. Simply one of the cutest house plants in town!
Plant Characteristics
Mature Plant Size: 24-inches tall x 30-inches wide
Habit: Trailing
Foliage Color: Variegated
Plant Needs
Light Level: Full to Part Sun (4-6+ hours with afternoon sun)
Overwinter Zones: 10, 11
Soil Moisture: Moist to Dry, Well-drained
Fertilizer: When transplanted and then every 4-5 weeks
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