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Spring Strawberry Plants

The strawberry plants we ship in the spring are bare-rooted June bearing varieties, which means they produce a single large crop of juicy, mouth watering berries over a three week period in late spring to early summer. 

Need planting help? Our short video shows how easy it is to plant bare root strawberry plants. Bare-rooted strawberries should not be allowed to produce fruit the first year. So, nip the flower buds off during the first year. In the fall after the first frost has occurred, cut your plants back to about 1 inch and apply fertilizer. Then apply a thick layer of mulch, like straw, to protect your young plants over the winter. As long as you tend to the plants with routine care, they will last you 3-5 years.

All of our bare-root strawberry plants for sale are guaranteed to arrive in good condition and ready to start growing. Plants start shipping in mid-April.

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