Strawberries and Cream - Ribbon Grass Plant
Strawberries and Cream - Ribbon Grass Plant

Strawberries and Cream - Ribbon Grass Plant

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The 'Strawberries and Cream' Ribbon Grass Plant produces multi-colored, finely-textured leaves blush bright pink in the spring, turning predominately white in the summer and often turning tan in the fall. This plant is great for naturalizing as it grows very fast-forming thick mats, spreading by underground rhizomes. It is often grown in containers.
Plant Features

Strawberries and Cream Ribbon Grass (Phalaris) Plant Care and Growing Information

  • Mature Height: 36-48 inches
  • Mature Spread: 36-48 inches
  • Exposure: Full Sun - Partial Shade
  • Soil Moisture: Average - Wet
  • Soil Type: Widely Adaptable
  • Perennial in Zones 4-11

All of our 'Strawberries & Cream' plants are grown and shipped in fine quality growing medium and are guaranteed to arrive alive and ready to thrive.

Phalaris ornamental grasses produce upright stems that make striking additions to the garden as accents or groundcovers. Also, superb when grown in containers. 

Photo is courtesy of F.D. Richards

Plant Needs
Light Requirement: Full Sun, Part Shade
Soil Moisture: Moist
Fertilizer Needs: Once In The Spring
Survives Winter in Zones: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Plant Characteristics
Garden Height: 4-Feet
Mature Spread: 4-Feet
Foliage Color: Varigated
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