Replica Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116520

The replica Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116520 stainless steel (40 mm diameter, 12.4 mm diameter) for a 1-minute viewing review. From lugs to lugs, you will want to measure the lugs, and then the span is 46mm, but if you include the solid end ring of the oyster bracelet The length is even 50 mm. Loaded with 8mm lugs, the distance between the two lugs is 20mm. Put this replica watch on my wrist with a 16cm circumference. You will find this fake watch made from 2000 to 2015 looks more beautiful and more beautiful. Consistently, you can install a steel case with a stainless steel bezel on the movement, instead of the later ceramic case. It can be placed flat and can be easily slid from the top of the head to under the cuff. You can see my convex There is enough clearance on each side of the ear, and then hit the barrel down. You can see that I have enough wrists on each side. I suggest to minimize the circumference of the wrist to 13 and a half centimeters In order to have a quick look at the hardware.

Rolex Daytona 116520 SS/SS White 904L Asia 4130 Mod

Oyster Bracelet

This is an oyster bracelet, but this M series watch replica fixes the oyster bracelet and the movable link by screws, and has an older clasp, so you can see that this is not a later internal lifting lock, it has a button The buckle and flip system was replaced with a lift lock trigger in 2009, so although it is an older model, it still includes an easy-to-connect 5mm adjustment device, which is equivalent to adding or deleting a larger link, you can change it Put it in or take it out without having to delete the link, and then drill three turf inside, so you can actually move the anchor point of the bracelet into it, so you can use the easy link movable link and three slopes to fine-tune Whether the strap is suitable for the strap, you can see that the appearance of replica Daytona's first automatic movement since it came out in 1988 has not changed much. This is an advantage for you because the case here is elegant. This is not a super case of Submariner, GMT Master II, Explorer II and Sea Dweller.

Case And Bezel

Everything is in a highly polished state, it is smooth, when the bezel is also made of steel, as the light dances on the surface, you almost get a flame-like effect, and you can see the inside of the tachometer All the original paint is intact, which has an impact on the condition and handling of the entire watch fake. Of course there is a black dial. I happen to like it better than the silver dial. This is just a personal preference, but I like the visual impact and impact of the black paint. You can make the concave metal cash register with concentric circular recesses inside. Crown or sky blue crown, and all hands are white gold to prevent tarnishing or oxidation over time under the oyster shell protected by oysters.

Caliber 4103

The fake Rolex manufacturer's movement 4103 is self-winding at eight beats per second, 44 joules in both directions. It has a 72-hour power reserve. This is replica Rolex's first movement to use a rotor bearing instead of a jewel-studded movement. Impact resistance Like other Rolex sports luxury replica watches, it uses a fully balanced bridge with a free elasticity index to improve shock resistance, and uses a niobium-zirconium balance spring alloy for diamagnetism, and uses a hand-made brigade on the contour of the coil balance spring, so the balance spring is concentric beat. Any position on the wrist or dressing table at night can help you adjust the time of the replica watch and keep time in five positions. It is better certified by the cosc chronometer. 

It is waterproof to 100 meters and has a second stop function. , And also has a vertical clutch and timer column wheel structure, so when you operate the button, the column wheel can make you really feel and hear the crisp start feeling, and then the vertical clutch allows you to start the stopwatch, and the second hand The vertical direction does not jump or stagger the clutch also allows you to keep the chronograph running without wearing the movement. If you happen to like to keep the second hand in full operation at all times, then you can be in the center position provided by the vertical clutch. The flexibility to read seconds and hours no longer exists, and it is loved. The steel and steel frame are made of 904l steel made of two elements, while the standard 316l steel is more resistant to corrosion. Rolex replica is proud to say that you can expose it to sea water or chemicals without washing. Its toughness is 316. This is not the case, even if Rolex fake manufactures movements and cases, clasps, and bracelets are all homemade.

Rolex Daytona 116520 VS 116500

The first is the old version with reference number 116520, and the new version with ceramic bezel reference number 116500. First, let's talk about the older steel model. This model came out in 2000. It was actually the year when they transitioned from the Zenith El Primero movement to the replica Rolex internal movement. This is the first fake Rolex Daytona steel model of a Rolex in-house movement. A newer model came out in 2016, and its ceramic bezel is also called Cerachrom. Cerachrom is actually a ceramic patented by Rolex. It has gold or platinum inlays. In this case, this one has platinum inlays. Cerachrom is actually very resistant to scratches and fading, but ceramics are fragile. It can shatter and chip, and it is very expensive to replace the ceramic bezel. Before 2016, only the gold and platinum versions of best Daytona replica watches had a ceramic bezel. This is a replica Rolex Daytona with a black dial and an old fake Rolex with a white dial. In fact, it is difficult to find because it has been discontinued and may be new, but it is still difficult to find due to the high demand.

You can find each model in the black dial and the white dial, and they are all included with Daytona in the signature red letters. They are both 40mm cases, so technically they are all the same size, but due to the high contrast of the ceramic bezel, the ceramic bezel tends to look larger, while the older version has a mirror effect, so Make it look smaller. Moreover, they have the same flat three-piece design on the bracelet. The older replica Daytona is more casual and sporty. This is a good choice for you as a daily blender, but you must be very careful because it is made of steel and not ceramic, so it is easy to scratch. On the other hand, the newer fake Daytona has a more formal and trim look. This is what I actually wear with a suit.


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