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Exclusively made of gold or platinum, the replica Rolex Day-Date Presidential is one of the most expensive Rolex replica watches available. As a result, the Date has always been a symbol of success. In fact, it has even earned the now ubiquitous "Presidential" moniker, in part because it is the watch worn by presidents, global leaders and industry leaders. To this day, the Rolex President is a celebrity favorite, and so is the Day-Date model in its 36mm size. 118238 makes it the perfect luxury watch for both men and women. We found Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, Reese Witherspoon and Rihanna all wearing the rose gold 36mm Rolex President. In addition, Justin Theroux, Adam Levine and Eddie Murphy are also fans of the elegant 36mm yellow gold replica Rolex Day-Date President.

118238 Rolex Day-Date Automatic Mens Yellow Gold White Roman Dial

The Origin Of The President's Name

The "President" name may actually be a mistake. Some say that Rolex gave the original "President" nickname to the Rolex Day-Date luxury replica watches rather than to the timepiece as a whole. The "President" bracelet appeared around 1966. Since then, the word "President" has been used with the word "President", but only in reference to the Rolex bracelet for the replica Rolex Day-Date, not the entire watch. Until the mid-1960s, this was around the same time that U.S. President Lyndon Johnson began wearing his trademark yellow gold Rolex. The name "President" soon came to represent the entire Day-Date luxury replica watches. In 1984, a popular addition to the advertising series was the "Rolex President Presidential Date Chronograph. Refined 18kt. yellow gold, with bracelet". This was the first time Rolex directly referred to its timepieces as "Presidents". So, whether they initially started or not, Rolex adopted the moniker. They didn't keep it for long and soon called it simply "Day-Date". However, the famous nickname still exists and many people still refer to it as "President Rolex" when discussing it. For a president who wears a watch, President Johnson is a man closely associated with the Rolex anniversary. During his presidency, he was given his date. He was also known for giving Rolex luxury replica watches as gifts. Another person was President Dwight luxury replica watches Eisenhower. The Rolex Anniversary gave the then President of the United States, Dwight Eisenhower, the nickname "The President". But you'll be surprised to hear that he never actually owned a Rolex Day. The Rolex brand is surrounded by other presidential legends. For example, a Rolex anniversary known as the "Rolex President" is said to have been given to President John F. Kennedy by actress Marilyn Monroe, who sang Happy Birthday to him at Madison Square Garden for his 45th birthday. during a democratic fundraising event. It was sold at auction in 2005 for $120,000. However, there is no documentation to prove the connection between Pres. The replica Rolex Day-Date nickname is a big mystery. What is certain is that the watch was crafted by the world's leading watchmakers. It is therefore not surprising that generals and presidents alike prefer it.

Early Presidential Watches

Let's take a closer look at the watch itself, not the person wearing it. The main feature of this watch is, of course, that it has a "day" window to show the day of the week as it is written out. In the 1963 Rolex catalog, we can see the calendar in 11 languages, in 1979 in 24 languages and in 1985 in 25 different languages. Today, the Day disc on the replica Rolex Day-Date is available in 26 languages. The Rolex President is quite distinctive in its design. A very iconic feature today is the President bracelet, but more on that later. The bracelet with round three-piece links, made on the occasion of the release of the Oyster Perpetual Day in 1956, is made of only 18 carats of gold and platinum. The first models of the replica Rolex Day-Date launched on the international market were reference numbers 6510 and 6511. both reference models had a caliber 1055. due to the complexity of the watch and its automatic winding function, additional discs and a screw-down back were added. As a result, the early Day-Date luxury replica watches were considered large by the standards of the time. But it did have water resistance up to 165 feet, but in Rolex's quest for perfection, they eventually refined and improved the shape and size of the case. This is why many Day-Date owners were surprised because you don't want to be able to swim with a watch as elegant and slender as the replica Rolex Day-Date. Later, Rolex released the Day-Date reference number 6611, which offers water resistance to 100 feet. To satisfy all the different tastes of its customers, Rolex appointed the President to offer a variety of iterations and dial options. From different metal types to different dialing options. In modern times, you can find a very discreet white gold replica Rolex Day-Date with a toned down dial, but at the other end of the spectrum, you can find bright all-gold parts with a bright dial adorned with a bright dial. In other words, there is a Rolex President for everyone. Regarding functionality, the Date-Date received an important update in 1972. The new update meant that the wearer was allowed to stop the seconds hand when he wanted to reset the time (also known as chopping seconds/cutting hands). When stopping the seconds hand, you can of course set the time more accurately. In addition, in the 1970s, Rolex introduced the "Quickset" feature for the President's Watch. The Quick Set function was added to all Rolex models in 1983 and is still available today in all Rolex luxury replica watches with date functions. It allows the crown to be easily pulled out to readjust the date. The date can be changed without turning the entire crown. During this time, Rolex also introduced sapphire crystal to the model instead of Plexiglas. Sapphire crystals are more elegant and less robust than Plexiglas crystals, making them more suitable for the replica Rolex Day-Date model. In addition, when introduced, sapphire crystal was tighter than the plastic glass used.

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