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Rolex presents the DAY-DATE II at Basleworld 2008 with its majestic 41 mm Oyster case made only of platinum 950 or 18 ct gold and water resistant up to 100 m. The Day-Date II showcases the numerous technical innovations developed by Rolex in the last few years. In 2015 Rolex presents the new generation of Day-Date models: the Day-Date 40 with the new caliber 3255.Learn everything about the new book "Day-Date Rolex Day-Date". The Rolex Day-Date is also known as the "President's Watch" because it has become the replica watch of choice for many heads of state around the world and for many "prominent people" of the 20th and 21st centuries. Personally, the Rolex replica Day-Date President does it all. Into the 1960s, Rolex continued to offer an incredible range of bracelets and dials for the Rolex Day Date President collection. ref. 1802, ref. 1803 and ref. 1804 (very rare and only available in platinum) were the three most popular and most frequently encountered models. In the 1960s, the president of Rolex continued to dabble in athletes (golfer Jack Nicklaus has owned the famous Rolex replica Day-Date for almost 50 years), actors and presidents. Undoubtedly, it eventually became the most famous luxury timepiece in the world. If I were to be sent away from home for a year and I could only take one replica watch that would be the perfect companion for business meetings, swimming at the beach, formal and casual wear, then the Rolex Day-Date would undoubtedly be one of the most promising and competitive finalists in the selection process.

18038 Rolex Day-Date Mens Automatic


Its full name is the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date, introduced by Rolex in 1965. The public immediately recognized it as unparalleled thanks to its innovative 12 o'clock window indicating the entire day of the week. Rolex initially produced the Rolex replica Day-Date in 11 different languages, but given the planetary success of this milestone, today you can choose from as many as 26. The case has a slightly domed appearance, reminiscent of the Quality replica watch former back cover, due to the thickness given by the automatic mechanism and the two date and day wheels. Just one year later, these references were replaced by the new Day-Date references. 6611 fluted bezel, 6612 smooth bezel and 6613 diamond-set bezel. The most important difference from the previous models is the movement: the microstar adjustment of the balance wheel allows it to be COSC certified. A limited number of 6611 specimens have different bridges with a thickness of 0.1 mm. these specimens can be identified by the special reference number 6611B and are sought after by collectors due to their extreme rarity. If we ask you to close your eyes and imagine a Day-Date, you can almost certainly trace it back to 1959, the iconic year in which the 18XX was launched. The 18XX was launched. in all its variants, the series reference has become the classic Canon associated with the Rolex Day-Date. Mechanically speaking, the new movement with an output of 18,000 vibrations per hour received the designation 1555 until 1965, when it was implemented as 19,800 vibrations per hour. The last change occurred in 1972 with the introduction of the black seconds that synchronize the watches replicas. These new mechanisms were thinner than the previous ones, allowing the cases to be made with thinner lines, in line with the oyster standard we used to apply. In 1977, the difficulty of identifying materials was overcome by the introduction of a new 5-digit reference. Each material used to make the replica watch now corresponds to a specific number. In addition to the new references, sapphire glass and caliber 3055 allow the date to be set quickly. perhaps the most intriguing model of Rolex replica Day-Date lies in this series of references. As we have just said, each metal has its own specific identification number, for example 8 for gold, 6 for platinum (e.g. platinum 18046 with diamond-set bezel)... but when do three metals exist at the same time? This is the case. 18039, in which we find white gold, yellow gold and rose gold bracelets to demonstrate the new gold molecular bonding technology developed by Rolex.


Another major introduction at the end of the 1990s was the "double quick-set" function. This function was introduced with reference number 18238. Dual quick-setting meant that you could set the date and time independently of each other. In the late 2000s, Rolex reintroduced the Rolex replica Day-Date in pink gold with a domed sapphire mineral glass. At Baselworld 2008, Rolex unveiled a new, larger Rolex replica Day-Date with a 41 mm date. 41 mm is a lot for an all-gold replica watch, which means it will be slightly more refined and elegant. Indeed it was. the 41mm case reflected the trend towards larger watches at the time, but as time went on, the market decided it was too big and it didn't become a huge hit. That's why Rolex launched a new generation of Day-Date in 2015: the Day-Date 40 with the 3255 movement. the replica watch has a 40 mm case and is very popular. Rolex doesn't usually use common nicknames on its watches (e.g., Hulk, Pepsi, Kermit, etc.), but one of the names Rolex has adopted is "President. But not in the way you might think. The replica watch is still named Rolex replica Day-Date and Rolex does not display it as "President". Today, Rolex sometimes refers to this model as the "President's Watch," but never simply as the President. However, in 1969, the watch featured a concealed clasp and was known as the "President". Today, the bracelet is known as the "President's Bracelet". The Rolex replica Day-Date President's "Day Wheel" is available in the following 26 languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, German, Chinese, Danish, Basque, Catalan, Ethiopian, Finnish, French, Greek, Hebrew, Dutch, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese Latin, Moroccan, Norwegian, Farsi, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Turkish.

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