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A Journey Through Time: The Enduring History of Herbs
A captivating exploration into the ancient and ongoing story of herbs. From their prehistoric roots as medicinal discoveries by our ancestors to their crucial role in the herb gardens of ancient civilizations, it highlights how these fragrant plants have shaped cultures and economies, and how they continue to be indispensable in modern cuisine and healthcare.
A Comprehensive Guide to Growing and Caring for Fuchsias: Unleash the Beauty of These Stunning Plants
Fuchsias, with their enchanting blooms, add a touch of elegance to any garden or patio. By following these guidelines and adapting to your local climate, you can enjoy the beauty and vibrancy of these plants, often for years to come.
How to Cover Plants for Frost Protection
Each year, gardeners keep a “weather-ear” out for predictions of that first hard frost.  An early autumn frost can stop the clock on plants before their time, long before you’re ready to say “goodbye” to your annual plants or even “sleep well” to your perennial plants.
Overwintering Hardy Hibiscus: A Guide to Keeping Your Tropical Beauty Blooming
We just planted three Hardy Hibiscus that we purchased from GrowJoy. The plants are thriving! We need a little help to know your recommendation for winterizing. Mulch…Burlap…Fertilizing?
Spring Gardening Success: A Weekly Guide to Planting Based on Your Region's Last Frost Date
Timing and planning are essential for a successful spring garden. To make the most of your gardening season, it’s important to consider the average last frost date of your region when planning your planting schedule. We'll break down what to plan and when to make your garden a success.
Top 49 Heat Tolerant Flowers
If you live in a hot and dry climate, finding flowers that can withstand the heat can be a challenge. But fear not! There are plenty of beautiful and heat-tolerant flowers that will thrive in your garden. From drought-resistant succulents to colorful annuals and perennials, there’s something for every garden style. And this list of the top 49 heat-tolerant flowers is the perfect place to start.
Unlock the Power of Companion Plants: Using an Age-Old Practice for a Better Vegetable Garden
Companion planting involves growing different plants together to enhance each other's growth, health, and yield. This technique fosters a balanced, sustainable garden ecosystem, reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.
Understanding Tuberosa Asclepias: Characteristics, Propagation, and Conservation
Commonly referred to as Butterfly Weed or Milkweed, Tuberosa Asclepias is a native, herbaceous perennial plant, which typically stands between 1 to 2.5 feet tall when fully grown and displays a clump-forming growth habit.
The Delicious Rewards of Growing Your Own Vegetables
Ask any gardener, and they'll tell you that growing your own vegetables is an incredibly rewarding experience. Homegrown vegetables taste so much better than their store-bought counterparts. And growing your own patch can also save you money, while providing an educational and fun experience for you and your kids. Other unexpected perks? The pride of sharing your bounty with friends and family, getting extra physical activity, and even earning some extra money. And once you reduce your reliance on store-bought produce, you can also reduce your carbon footprint. Which is a win win for you and the environment.
A Gardener's Guide to Growing Tomatoes: Tips for a Bountiful Harvest
Tomatoes are a staple in many gardens due to their versatility in various culinary applications. Whether you're a novice gardener trying your hand at growing your first tomato plant or an experienced gardener looking to improve your harvest, this comprehensive guide is for you.