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Shipping Policy

Looking for our Shipping Schedule? Find it here.

We take great care when shipping our plants. We want to make sure they arrive at their new home in great shape! We carefully package each plant in its own innovative container to ensure a safe, jostle-free journey.

This way, all of our plants are guaranteed to arrive healthy and ready to thrive. Read more about our No-Risk Guarantee here.

Free Shipping, or Lower Prices? We love free shipping as much as the next person. BUT we want to keep our plants at great prices, so we're choosing to charge shipping costs at par.
This means that we will not need to increase per plant costs to cover the increasing costs on our end. And not to worry, we make no money on our shipping charges, and only charge what we are charged by our awesome shipping suppliers!

We primarily use FedEx Home Delivery® for our plants.

Thank you for placing your confidence in GrowJoy. Start your journey to a beautiful garden today, shop now!