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Boston Ivy Plant

  • - Height: 30-60 feet
  • - Hardiness Zone: 4-8
  • - Exposure: Part Sun-Full Sun
  • - Each Quart contains 1 Boston Ivy
Plant Features
Boston Ivy is a versatile deciduous vine cherished for its dynamic seasonal transformation. Beginning its journey with leaflets resembling poison ivy in its juvenile form, it matures into expansive tendrils that either climb surfaces using adhesive discs or spread horizontally if unsupported. These lush green leaves culminate in a spectacular autumn display, transitioning from green to striking shades of burgundy or scarlet red.
Beyond its captivating visuals, Boston Creeper, scientifically known as Parthenocissus tricuspidata, boasts a resilience that makes it thrive in various conditions. It's soil-adaptable, unfazed by wind, pollution, or salt, and thrives in both sunlight and shade. While its greenish-white flowers in late spring might be overshadowed by its dense foliage, its blue-black berries that follow are a treat for birds. Moreover, this Ivy is bee-friendly, making it an eco-friendly addition to gardens.
Though requiring minimal care, Boston Ivy appreciates occasional trimming to maintain its boundaries. While it famously adorns many educational institutions, giving rise to the term "Ivy League," caution is advised against planting it near wooden or shingle structures, as its adhesive holdfasts can cause damage. For optimal autumnal color, partial sunshine is recommended. Initial support, like a trellis, can guide its growth until it self-clings to desired surfaces. Occasional pruning in the autumn ensures controlled growth, while summer care might involve guiding shoots and removing damaged leaves.
For those seeking a blend of visual allure, adaptability, and minimal maintenance, Boston Ivy stands out as a timeless choice for both ground coverage and vertical ascent.
Attribute name Attribute value
Plant Needs
Sunlight 4+ hours
Soil Moisture Moist to Dry
Soil Properties Well-drained
Tolerates Clay soil, Salty soil, Sandy soil
Fertilizer When transplanted and then once every Spring
Attribute name Attribute value
Plant Characteristics
Mature Spread 5-10 feet
Habit Climbing
Foliage Color Red/Green
Attracts Bees, Wild Birds
Features Drought tolerant
Plant Used for Aesthetic Appeal, Climbing or Vining, Focal Point, Ground Cover, Texture
Pet Friendly No