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Brindisi Lily Plant

  • - LA Hybrid Lily
  • - Height: 38-42 inches
  • - Hardiness Zone: 3-8
  • - Exposure: Full Sun
  • - Bloom Time: June-July
  • - Every order comes complete with a large, Grade #1 bulb, premium fertilizer for rapid growth, and comprehensive planting instructions to ensure your success.
Plant Features

Bring a touch of Italian romance to your garden with the exquisite Lilies Longiflorum Asiatic 'Brindisi'. Named after the charming seaside town on the Adriatic Sea, these lilies boast breathtaking beauty and undeniable elegance. Imagine clusters of soft pink blooms, each up to 6 inches wide, gracing your flowerbeds with their trumpet-shaped charm. The petals unfurl to reveal a deeper pink or rose-colored throat, adding a touch of mystery to their allure. And don't forget the intoxicating fragrance that will fill the air with sweetness, attracting bees and butterflies to your floral haven.

'Brindisi' lilies are not just stunning; they're also incredibly easy to grow. Thriving in both full sun and part shade, they'll flourish in well-drained, fertile soil with regular watering, especially during dry spells. Hardy in zones 3-8, these beauties will come back year after year to paint your summers with their delicate pink hues. Standing tall at 3 feet, they make a magnificent addition to borders, perennial beds, and mixed plantings. They're also at home in containers, gracing patios and balconies with their captivating presence. And for those special occasions, 'Brindisi' lilies make excellent cut flowers, guaranteed to steal the show in any arrangement.

So why wait? Bring a touch of la dolce vita to your garden and order your Lilies Longiflorum Asiatic 'Brindisi' today! With their effortless charm, intoxicating fragrance, and remarkable resilience, these lilies are sure to become your new favorite summertime bloom.

Lily Companion Plants: Agastache, Roses, Salvia, Veronica

Lily Plant Care Instructions: Apply mulch around the plant after it sprouts in the spring to maintain cool and moist roots. Use a high-potassium fertilizer every three weeks until 6 weeks after flowering. Keep the foliage in place after blooming to allow for photosynthesis and strengthen the bulb. Cut the foliage back to the ground when the leaves turn yellow in late fall.