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Butter King Lettuce Plant

  • - Spacing: 8 inches
  • - Days to Harvest: 60
  • - A customer favorite for good reason
  • - Each 3-Inch Pot contains 2 Butter King Lettuce Plants
Plant Features

Butter King Lettuce Plants produce large, soft yet crisp heads that yield tender leaves with a smooth, sweet flavor. It is slow to bolt and never gets bitter. Grow it and you'll see why everyone can't get enough! Butter King is an All American Selection Winner.

Our Butter King Lettuce Plants are grown with a commitment to natural methods, ensuring they're healthy and robust. Guaranteed to arrive alive and thriving!

Lettuce Companion Plants: Carrot, Cucumber, Radish, Strawberry

Attribute name Attribute value
Plant Needs
Sunlight 4+ hours
Watering Needs Consistently moist, but not waterlogged
Soil Properties Well-drained
Tolerates Clay soil, Sandy soil
Fertilizer Every 3-4 weeks
Growing Zones 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Attribute name Attribute value
Plant Characteristics
When to harvest Pick individual leaves as needed
Production Time Multiply Pickings
Habit Mounded
Foliage Color Green
Garden Styles Container Garden, Indoor Garden
Plant Used for Food Production
Plant Type Heirloom

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Top Reviews

Home Grown Veggies

The plants arrived expertly packed and healthy. Once planted, they've been high producers. We would absolutely purchase again!

From Kevin | July 24, 2023

Butter lettuce

Growing like crazy. Gorgeous plant and tasty

From Carolyn | June 05, 2023

Beautiful plants

Lettuce plants arrived healthy and strong.

From Sandra | May 06, 2023

Easy to grow

Growjoy is my "go to” website for live plants, this lettuce is easy to grow and gives off lettuce leaves for a long time. Give it a try.

From Geraldine | November 06, 2022

Favorite Lettuce

I love this lettuce. I had it last year and missed it in my garden when I tried butter crunch instead so I grabbed a plant with my fall season order. Last year it lasted into Midwest fall with almost no upkeep/watering.

From Britney | August 13, 2022

Fabulous lettuce!

Plant arrived in perfect condition and we have been enjoying lettuce ever since!

From anonymous | July 19, 2022

Healthy plants, quick growing

These arrived very healthy and were producing very quickly my family really enjoyed the fresh lettuce in there salads. I will be buying these again next year

From Dale | July 06, 2022

great plants

The customer service is wonderful, and the quality of the plants are very healthy and ready to plant.

From Laura | May 18, 2022


nice shape for warm shipping etc. Grew well in a self water pot, close to kitchen with radish's, onions. ty yummy.

From Susan | August 04, 2021


The lettuce I received is healthy and thriving. GrowJoy really takes the upmost care when shipping their plants.

From anonymous | March 20, 2021


I’m sure I’ll have good results with the Butter King lettuce I recently planted! I have had excellent outcomes with everything I’ve ordered from GrowJoy. Have made several referrals!!! 🥰

From Rhonda | October 19, 2020

Butter king lettuce

Looked great upon arrival

From anonymous | May 07, 2020

Perfect plants

All plants arrived on time and in great condition. Can't wait to see them grow!

From Chris | May 07, 2020


Plant arrived in good condition. Not doing great, but may be too late in the season...

From Amanda | May 17, 2018

Great product!

Received the Butter King Lettuce in perfect shape. This time of year it is impossible to find Lettuce plants for sale and here they are!! Very happy! Peter MA

From peter | August 03, 2017

Butter King Lettuce

Came in and looks lovely!! The soil wasn't dried out and the leaves look great! I cannot wait to plant!

From susan | May 11, 2017

Already gone

Came in great condition, planted and growing just a few weeks!!!

From Robin | July 14, 2016

Love these

Can't wait until the Butter King Lettuce grows, ready to eat now. Good starter vegetable for a beginner gardener.

From Brenda | April 28, 2016

Butter Lettuce Plants

The plants arrived in good shape.

From David | May 10, 2015

Fresh Lettuce

There's nothing better then stepping outside and picking some fresh Lettuce from my raised beds to make a salad. My Butter King Lettuce Plants arrived in good condition and I have already had a taste...hhhmmm good!

From Christine | April 26, 2015

Butter King Lettuce Plant

Tasty and beautiful!

From Kathryn | April 22, 2015

Butter King Lettuce

The plants arrived in 2 days by USPS. The shipping container kept them healthy.

From David | August 01, 2014


Butter King Lettuce came in looking great, easy to plant

From anonymous | July 25, 2014

Great Lettuce plants!

We are very pleased with our Butter King plants...they arrived quick and healthy. Highly recommended!

From Richard | May 03, 2014