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Cascadias™ Rim Violet Petunia Plant

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  • - Height: 12-14 inches
  • - Growing Zone: 2-11
  • - Exposure: Full Sun
  • - Bloom Time: Spring-Fall
  • - Each 3-Inch Pot contains 1 Cascadias™ Rim Violet Petunia Plant
Plant Features

Cascadias™ Rim Violet Petunia Plants feature medium-sized, brilliant rich purple flowers with each petal tip dipped in purest white. It's a true bi-color knock-out! Cascadias are heat and extreme weather tolerant petunias that produce compact, bushy plants that create a blanket of large flowers that trail nicely out of containers and hanging baskets. They also make a colorful groundcover! Petunia flowers produce a sugary nectar that hummingbirds and butterflies love.

Cascadias Petunia Companion Plants: Gaura, Salvia, Lobelia, Snapdragon, Coleus

Cascadias™ Rim Violet Petunia Plant Care Instructions: For optimal performance, keep your plants well-watered. Choose containers with functioning drain holes as petunias will not tolerate wet feet. Deadhead weekly. PRO TIP: Remove both the spent flower and its stem, snipping it back to where it connects with the main stem. Otherwise, the seed head will develop, and the plant will think it should slow down its flower production. Trimming will help keep your petunias looking fresh all season long.

Here are our favorite methods:

  1. Trim a third of the plant back by a third, this should be done every other week, cycling through the three areas.
  2. Find the longest stems that only have one flower and trim them to the main stem, this method should be done weekly.
  3. The most drastic approach would be to trim back the complete plant by 1/3 every 6 weeks.
Attribute name Attribute value
Plant Needs
Sunlight 6+ hours
Overwinter Zones 10, 11
Soil Moisture Moist
Soil Properties Well-drained
Fertilizer Twice per week
Attribute name Attribute value
Plant Characteristics
Height Category Medium
Mature Spread 14-20 inches
Habit Semi-trailing
Flower Color Purple, White
Foliage Color Green
Attracts Bees, Butterflies, Hummingbirds
Garden Styles Container Garden, Cottage Garden, English Garden, Hanging Baskets
Plant Used for Aesthetic Appeal, Borders and Edging, Ground Cover
Pet Friendly Yes
Plant Type Hybrid

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Top Reviews

Great Petunia

This is the first time I've purchased from GrowJoy and it won't be the last! My order had several flowers and all came very healthy and all are doing great! These Rim Violet Petunia plants are beautiful and very full looking. Thank you!

From Sue | June 06, 2023

Great for deck rail planters

Beautiful colors. Plants are doing well in my deck rail planters. So full and healthy with lots of blooms. Hummingbirds love them.

From Carol | July 16, 2022

So pretty

Plants well packaged and arrived healthy! These are so pretty in a mixed planter and flowing over the side already! Love GrowJoy!

From Carol | June 04, 2022

Wonderful addition to my garden

I just love the color contrast and how handy this little petunia is. Brightens up my containers immensely and is a real trooper of a plant that just doesn't ever give up. Keeps blooming the entire season

From anonymous | March 22, 2022

Heathy starter plant

Heathy starter plant, doing well after repotting.

From Gene | March 31, 2021

Love them!

Just like the picture. Very healthy plants. Impressed with how quick arrived and how healthy the plant is. Already in full bloom and very happy.

From anonymous | June 24, 2020

Excellent transaction in every respect!

I can't review each individually (too many). All plants in this order (placed last winter) arrived in great condition and packaged extremely well. We have had a lousy spring - looking out at snow from another storm. Won't pot them all until we get a little warmer. Excellent transaction start to finish!

From Cynthia | May 23, 2019


Since we received this plant it has multiplied into an abundance of flowers that emit a lovely fragrance and attract the local hummingbirds. Very Happy!!

From Richard | June 04, 2018


Our Cascadias Rim Violet Petunia plants arrived loaded with buds. We filled our window boxes. It looks spectacular with these healthy plants.

From Cheryll | July 01, 2017

Huge Petunia!

Great packaging fast delivery and healthy plants 😀 Thank you!!!

From Robert | June 03, 2016

A new Petunia I love

I love the Cascadias Rim Violet Petunia in my container garden

From Sheila | June 03, 2016

Stunning and tough!

I plant these in a little more protected area. They are absolutely beautiful and hold up well to the elements. Repopulate quickly if beaten down by hail, rain or winds. These are another staple in my garden - love this item!

From Cynthia | May 26, 2016

Love these plants

I can't wait to see these Cascadias Rim Violet Petunia plants grow they are so full and healthy! Really nice plants!!

From Robert | May 20, 2016

Happiest customer

I have not found any other gardening store that carries this gorgeous Cascadias Rim Violet Petunia! It is really remarkable how many varieties of each and every plant you can find here. Never a disappointment.

From Tanya | April 22, 2016


Flowers were shipped quickly and in great shape.

From JEFFREY | June 19, 2015


Not only do these droop more than 4ft ((and growing!) From my hanging basket, the Violet is the delay I ever seen for a flower! And the White edges of the petals really makes it appear Deep Bright Purple!

From David | May 06, 2015


Like plants. Right now looks more lavender than purple, but no sun till today. Thanks

From Marianne | April 29, 2015

Beautiful Petunia colors

Plants arrived healthy and happy...these Petunias are just Beautiful...planted about 2 weeks ago and already they are spreading and just keep blooming...so far so good...hoping when the heat hits they keep it up :)

From Maureen | May 29, 2014

Prolific and Pretty Petunias

Planted late, but you'd never know it. Producing plumes of blossoms of a beautiful Purple and White. I love it!

From Tinga | July 21, 2013

Petunia plants-Alive, after all!

I was concerned when I first opened the shipment and saw that the lower leaves were all yellow. I planted them anyway and now they are thriving - the root system was very good in the first place. I will order Cascadias Bicolor Rim Violet Petunia plants again next season (but I hope that we could have red or white by then).

From Rico1 | May 23, 2013