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China King Chinese Cabbage Plant

  • - Spacing: 10 inches
  • - Days to Harvest: 55
  • - Crunchy baby cabbage for small spaces
  • - Each 3-Inch Pot contains 1 China King Chinese Cabbage Plant
Plant Features

China King is a mini, barrel shaped Chinese cabbage that produces sweet and delicious, 2-pound heads with a bright green and white exterior and pale yellow interior. Packed with nutrients, it's perfect for salads, grilling or as a side dish. Try this one for a cute mini cabbage the whole family will love!

Our China King Chinese Cabbage Plants are grown with a commitment to natural methods, ensuring they're healthy and robust. Guaranteed to arrive alive and thriving!

Cabbage Companion Plants: Beet, Celery, Cucumber, Lettuce, Onion, Potato, Spinach

Attribute name Attribute value
Plant Needs
Sunlight 6+ hours
Watering Needs Water when the top 1 inch of soil is dry
Soil Properties Well-drained
Tolerates Clay soil, Sandy soil
Fertilizer Every 3-4 weeks
Growing Zones 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Attribute name Attribute value
Plant Characteristics
When to harvest When the head is full and tight
Production Time Single Picking
Habit Upright
Foliage Color Green
Garden Styles Container Garden
Plant Used for Food Production
Plant Type Hybrid

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Top Reviews

Beautiful plant

So far so good with this chinese cabbage. It shipped in great shape. Shortly after transplant, it was fairly heavily infested with flea beetles (it has been unseasonably hot in my part of zone 4). This plant has survived past transplant and they are now eradicated. I am looking forward to the new growth I'm seeing.

From Marissa | September 08, 2022