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Dark Eyes Fuchsia Plant

  • - Lady's Eardrops
  • - Height: 6-10 inches
  • - Growing Zone: 2-11
  • - Exposure: Part Sun
  • - Bloom Time: Spring-Fall
  • - Each Quart Pot contains 1 Dark Eyes Fuchsia Plant
Plant Features

Dark Eyes Fuchsia Plants produce stunning, double flower with colorful hot pink to brilliant red sepals and large, bright, royal purple blossoms with numerous, dainty, pink stamens! Its a trailing variety. It is a season long bloomer for hummingbird gardens.

Fuchsia Companion Plants: Hosta, Lobelia

Dark Eyes Fuchsia Plant Care Instructions: Plants perform best when soil is kept moist and not allowed to dry out. During the hottest days it may require watering twice per day. A liquid fertilizer with no less than a 10-10-10 NPK rating should be added two times per week. Plants can be trimmed back by 1/3 once the flowering slows down. This will help the plant to push out a new round of flowers.

Attribute name Attribute value
Plant Needs
Sunlight 4-6 hours of morning sun
Overwinter Zones 10, 11
Soil Moisture Moist
Soil Properties Well-drained
Fertilizer Twice per week
Attribute name Attribute value
Plant Characteristics
Height Category Short
Mature Spread 14-20 inches
Habit Trailing
Flower Color Blue, Purple, Red
Foliage Color Green
Attracts Bees, Hummingbirds
Garden Styles Container Garden, Cottage Garden, English Garden, Hanging Baskets, Houseplant, Pollinator Garden, Therapeutic Garden
Plant Used for Aesthetic Appeal, Focal Point
Pet Friendly Yes
Plant Type Hybrid

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Top Reviews


This plant is growing great. I cannot wait to see the flowers. This was packaged very well.

From Paula | May 08, 2023


This review is for all 4 of my fuchsias that I ordered from Growjoy… I received my fuchsias beautifully and professionally packed! I have never seen such meticulous packing when it comes to live plants! And they are thriving right now! I will definitely be purchasing from Growjoy more often for my plants!

From Richard | April 07, 2023

Best online plant purchase

I purchased 9 fuchsias from Growjoy in Oct and received my purchase when it was ready to ship in Mar. I was not sure what to expect because this was my 1st purchase. My 9 fuchsias arrived well packed and healthy with all green leaves. Let me tell you that it's always the case because my other online plant purchases have been disappointment. The plants were scattered all over the box and leaves all bent. This order came the way you hope it would be. I've already transplanted them in new containers and 2 are blooming. Definitely a pleasant surprise. Will definitely buy from Growjoy again Thank you

From Theresa | March 28, 2023

Great product

I just received the group of 9 fuchsias that I had ordered. The way that they were shipped was great and the plants look so healthy. I am really looking forward to see how these plants develop and seeing all of the new blooms. Many thanks for your attention to detail.

From Robert | March 23, 2023

Fuschias arrived healthy!

Still waiting for the plants to set blooms, but foliage is full and the plants arrived healthy.

From Ashley | July 09, 2022


Love the beautiful and a very healthy plant!

From Elyce | May 27, 2022

Excellent live plant's order

Most lovely live plant Arrived in excellent condition

From anonymous | May 19, 2022


I have shop this site for several years now. The plants are always good sized are either blooming or in bus stage ready to bloom. Once planted they grow. I am always happy with the plants.

From Pamela | May 12, 2022

Dark eyes

Received about 3 weeks ago and doing great!! Already has blooms and flowers coming out.

From Kathryn | May 12, 2022

the best company!

this place is so awesome...let me tell you why- they sent my order packaged SO WELL there was NO Damage to ANY plant. i ordered 7 fuchsias, which do NOT travel well!....when i got my package, you cannot even believe how they were packaged!...this company has figured out a way to ship the plants to their customers with a certain Brainiac Expert plastic form that TOTALLY envelopes (protection!) the plants! Its crazy, its so good, i have NEVER seen this packaging implementation before. i order ALOT of plants online, and NO ONE has this packaging concept but GROWJOY!....OMG! i couldn't believe it, when i unpacked my beauties, there were live BLOOMING plants!...with NO buds/branches, roots falling was incredible people. i give this company SO much credit, i actually made ANOTHER order with the right! your cost???......for all the plants they sell, it is SUPER fairly priced. i mean, if i go to a local nursery and TRY to buy Fuchsias, they want upwards of $45 for cost with GrowJoy?....$8.50. that's a no brainer....Excellent! i am SO happy, Thank you for reading my review. they really are that GOOD! :)

From pamela | April 29, 2022

look good

is full of buds

From anonymous | April 16, 2022

Happy Plant

I bought Dark Eyes because the color combination is pretty. It arrived significantly faster than I was prepared for. I was waiting on hanging baskets. Definitely pay attention to your baby fuchsias when they arrive. I thought they were doing well with water but no, my Dark Eyes was depressed. When I replanted her in only 4 days, I was hopeful she would not pass away. I wish I could post a pic, 1 week later that thing is a strong little monster. She has fully grown 2 inches in 2 weeks. When she arrived, she arrived with 2 other fuchsias and the package is neat. It keeps them very safe. GrowJoy is amazing.

From Robin | March 31, 2022

Dark Eyes Fuchia

I was hoping to give GrowJoy a five star glowing review, but I can't honestly do that. My plants were shipped two and a half weeks late and they took 5 days to reach me. The plants were in rough shape from being in a box with no light and water for 5 days, possibly all the fault of the shipping company. In GrowJoy's defense, I could tell the plants were very healthy when they were packed, and they are now starting to grow and develop buds. I took a star off in hopes that GrowJoy put some pressure on their shipping providers, or maybe offer an express shipping option.

From John | June 28, 2021

Great for hanging baskets

Healthy plant. Have it in a hanging basket in part sun part of the garden.

From Carol | June 19, 2021

Perennial Plantd

Purchased my perennials from Grow Joy this year. I was delighted with what I received. These were potted plants that were packed very well to protect the plants and to keep them moist. I would definitely order from this company again. I did see reviews on line....if you read them....note that the same angry person wrote most of them to drop the Grow Joy rating. I do not agree with them. My order did come later than originally scheduled but I was very thankful for that...we had a very cold spring and they arrived when we could plant them safely. Coincidence? Maybe not.

From Charlene | June 05, 2021

Dark Eyes Fuchsia Plant

This is one of 14 different Fuchsia I have bought off of GrowJoy and I wanted to start my own hanging baskets of them I bought me a new greenhouse last Fall and this is one of my projects I wanted to try I LOVE THEM

From Vicky | May 11, 2021

very healthy

As always the plants arrived healthy and happy! Super duper packaging. No issues when transplanting, already growing!

From Kym | April 26, 2021

Heathy starter plant

Heathy starter plant, doing well after repotting.

From Gene | March 31, 2021

First Time Customer!

With quarantine keeping a lot of plant lovers indoors, I was itching to find a way to keep my hobby going while keeping myself and others safe. First time ordering plants online and this company had the best customer service out of everyone I looked into by far! Very happy with my order. Plants came safe and intact and with a few buds, thank you all so much :)

From Jacob | May 22, 2020

Dark Eyes Fuchsia

Plant arrived healthy looking. I'm always impressed with the quality of the plants delivered. Can't wait to see it grow!

From Olga | May 08, 2020

Healthy plants!

I ordered 4 of these back in March and they were shipped on the day scheduled for my state. They arrived they day after they were shipped and were very well packaged and healthy! I've since potted them in a hanging basket and they are thriving. Looking forward to their blooms!

From Michele | May 03, 2020


Absolutely beautiful. I planted in Hanging basket and since then the plant has grown so much, and I have a bloom already

From Robin | May 02, 2020


Prompt delivery. Beautifully packaged flowers. Each flower was hand cared. Individually packaged. Packaging was sturdy not to damage flowers. Thank you! Will buy again.

From Laura | May 02, 2020

Super folk

Great stuff. 2nd purchase.

From anonymous | April 25, 2020

Looks awesome

I was a little worried when I opened the package but I re-potted them and they look great. Quick response from them when I sent a photo...they are happy!

From Lois E | April 02, 2020


Plant arrived in great condition. Will definitely order again.

From anonymous | April 01, 2020

Great plants

Arrived in very good time and packed well.

From Peter | March 27, 2020

I fell in love with the plant

They came well packed and protected. It took a little while for them to grow into blossoming, but once they started they were absolutely beautiful. It is October and they are still blossoming. They truly make me happy.

From Jennie | October 01, 2019


I was so impressed with how this plant came. It is already starting to bud and it's only been a few days. GrowJoy plants are way better then other companies. They will be my go to spot going forward!

From Jamie | May 11, 2019

Dark Eyes - Lady's Eardrops - Fuchsia Plant

Thank you very much

From Margarita | April 25, 2019

Great Company

I have received this plant in a timely matter. It came in great shape can not wait for it to bloom.

From anonymous | April 25, 2019

Great job

Order plants and shipped out on time and plants come in very healthy. Great customer service.

From James | April 07, 2019

Dark Eyes Fuchsia

Beautiful! Healthy!

From Jody | May 29, 2018

Perfect condition

I just received my Fuschsia and have transferred it to its new home. Can't wait for it to bloom and neither can my hummingbirds! Thanks so much. Beth, Seattle

From Beth | May 09, 2018

Great Fuchsia

Fuchsia came well packed and looked great. Nice size and plenty of foliage.

From James | May 03, 2018


When i placed my order my plants were set to ship on a certain date. Due to bad weather they were back ordered a few more weeks. I was contacted by GrowJoy and kept informed on the new exact date they would be shipped. They promptly answered any questions I had. My plants arrived on time and in perfect condition. I can't wait for them to grow and bloom! I am 100% satisfied and will definitely be ordering again!!

From Vannessa | May 02, 2018

Hralthy Good Condition

The plants arrived in excellent condition and after transplanting they are doing very well. Looking forward to them growing up quickly and bearing blooms. I purchased 8 plants and they are all surviving very well!

From Eddie | April 13, 2018

Dark Eyes Fuchsia Plant

Plant arrived well packed and in good condition, as always. Can't wait to see it bloom!

From Olga | June 16, 2016

Dark Eyes Fuchsia

I love my plant and am glad it arrived quickly. It is thriving in my front yard. I can't wait until it blooms.

From Clara | May 28, 2016

Love it

This is my second year buying the Dark Eyes Fuchsia and I still love it

From Sheila | May 18, 2016

Beautiful Dark Eyes Fuchsia

Plant came in good condition. Happy and growing well. Adds that pop off color in my hanging planter

From Joshua | April 21, 2016

Dark Eyes Fuchsia

They arrived in good shape. I have never order plants online and was wondering how it would work. it's been about a week and they are doing good.

From Larry | April 10, 2016

Healthy Dark Eyes Fuchsia

Even all the way to Texas this plant made an entrance! I can't wait for them all to bloom!

From Lauren | March 31, 2016

Dark Eyes Fuchsia

Plant arrived looking healthy - can't wait to see it bloom!

From Olga | June 22, 2015

Dark Eyes Fuchsia

I have bought the same Fuchsia, 3 summers ago. It is my favorite! The colors on this Fuchsia is what got me into Fuchsias. But, the flowers on these are huge, like double blooms! I had to have more! I get so many compliments on my Fuchsias.

From Julie | June 19, 2015


Wow, on the amazing Dark Eyes Fuchsia plants that were sent to me!

From Sheila | June 11, 2015

Great Fuchsia

The Dark Eyes plant came in looking good. It has already more than doubled in size! Very Happy!!

From Michael | June 01, 2015

Perfect Dark Eyes

Plants arrived healthy & are thriving in their new planters.

From Elisa | May 23, 2015

Dark Eyes Fuschia

Arrived very well packaged and fast shipping. Can't wait till they start blooming. Very healthy plant. Will buy my starts from you from now on.

From anonymous | May 15, 2015


Dark Eye Fuchsia plants arrive well-packaged, in bloom and in excellent condition.

From CAROL | May 09, 2015

Dark Eyes Fuchsia plant

These two plants came with good foliage and buds. I believe that they will continue to be healthy.

From diane | July 01, 2013

Dark Eyes Fuchsia--Beautiful, healthy plant ready to go

Packaging best seen to date! Healthy, vibrant Fuchsia plants ready for the garden!

From Scott | May 30, 2013

Great Fuchsia plants

Dark Eyes Fuchsia plants arrived well packaged and in good shape. All plants came with tags so I knew what was what. Already growing nicely

From michael | April 15, 2013