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Golden Lemon Thyme Herb Plant

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  • - Spacing: 12 inches
  • - Days to Harvest: 30
  • - Offers a rich, lemony fragrance
  • - Each 3-Inch Pot contains 1 Golden Lemon Thyme Herb Plant
Plant Features

Golden Lemon Thyme offers a rich lemony fragrance and flavor that complements salads, vegetable dishes, fish, shellfish, as well as chicken. It can be used in any recipe that call for lemon. Thyme grows best in full sun locations with well-drained soils. Plants should be sheared back after flowering to keep the foliage from getting woody. It can be grown indoors within a few feet of a east, south, or west facing window. If grown indoors, potting mix should slightly dry before watering.

Thyme Companion Plants: Strawberries, Tomatoes, Eggplant

Our Golden Lemon Thyme Herb Plants are grown with a commitment to natural methods, ensuring they're healthy and robust. Guaranteed to arrive alive and thriving!

Attribute name Attribute value
Plant Needs
Sunlight 6+ hours
Overwinter Zones 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Watering Needs When the top 1-2 inches of soil are dry
Soil Properties Well-drained
Tolerates Sandy soil
Fertilizer When transplanted and then once every Spring
Attribute name Attribute value
Plant Characteristics
When to harvest When individual leaves are the desired size
Production Time Multiply Pickings
Habit Sprawling
Foliage Color Green/Yellow
Features Drought tolerant, Fragrant, Heat tolerant
Garden Styles Container Garden, Cottage Garden, Rock Garden
Plant Used for Aesthetic Appeal, Borders and Edging, Edible, Ground Cover, Healing and Medicinal, Natural Pest Control, Water Conservation
Pet Friendly Yes
Plant Type Open-Pollinated