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Growing the Superior Better Boy Tomato: A Guide to Cultivating This Beloved Variety

Ahhh. The mere thought of a succulent, sweet, juicy, humongous Better Boy tomato has gardeners licking their lips with anticipation and preparing their garden bed or containers for the day when they can finally begin the growing season and start producing this most popular of all tomato varieties. When it comes to the all-time most flavorful and easy-growing gardening tomatoes, the Better Boy unmistakably stands at the pinnacle, captivating the hearts of tomato enthusiasts far and wide. It's not uncommon to find backyard “tomato gardeners” who dedicate their entire garden to the Better Boy tomato plant, a testament to its unparalleled quality and taste.



Better Boy, One of the Best Gardening Tomatoes

The Better Boy tomato is celebrated as a hybrid indeterminate variety, a cross between the Big Boy and the Lemon Boy tomatoes, each renowned in their own right. This variety is engineered for continuous production throughout the growing season, offering an array of desirable traits such as improved disease resistance, vibrant color, substantial size, and meatiness. With its exceptional ease of growth, the Better Boy has eclipsed its parent varieties in popularity, becoming a favorite among both commercial growers and home gardeners. It epitomizes the pinnacle of gardening tomatoes.

The Legacy of Lemon Boy and Big Boy

The Lemon Boy, often mistaken for an heirloom due to its unique lemony hue, is actually an F-1 hybrid, celebrated for its meatiness, minimal seeds, and exceptional flavor, especially when compared to other yellow varieties. Its reduced acidity is a boon for those with dietary sensitivities.

Conversely, the Big Boy tomato, which debuted in 1949, remains shrouded in secrecy regarding its parentage. Known for its sweet, robust flavor and substantial size, often exceeding a pound, the Big Boy is also recognized for its disease resistance and vigorous growth, securing its place among the top gardening tomatoes.

Superior Disease Resistance

The Better Boy variety stands out for its resilience against common tomato ailments, such as Verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt, and nematodes, often denoted by the VFN tag. This resistance makes it an ideal choice for gardeners looking to ensure a healthy, bountiful harvest.

Determinate vs. Indeterminate Varieties

As an indeterminate variety, Better Boy tomatoes promise a season-long harvest, contrasting with determinate varieties that produce a single, simultaneous crop yield. This characteristic makes Better Boys perfect for fresh consumption throughout the season, while determinate varieties are often preferred for canning and sauce-making due to their predictable harvest time.

Gardening Quantity Advice

A common oversight for novice gardeners is overplanting. Remarkably, just one or two Better Boy plants can abundantly supply a family of four, allowing even for the joy of sharing the harvest with friends and neighbors. This efficiency underscores the need for thoughtful planning in garden space allocation.

Cultivation Tips

Better Boy tomatoes demand the same care as other tomato varieties, with particular attention to supporting their robust vines. Staking or caging is essential to prevent the fruits from touching the ground, protecting them from pests and diseases while accommodating their size and weight.

As we eagerly anticipate the coming growing season, the prospect of cultivating Better Boy tomatoes offers a delightful endeavor for both experienced and novice gardeners alike. This variety's exceptional taste, ease of cultivation, and robust health make it a superior choice for any garden. Are you ready to experience the joy of harvesting Better Boy tomatoes? Join the countless enthusiasts who have made this variety a cornerstone of their gardening passion!