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Little Fingers Carrot Plant

  • - Spacing: 2 inches
  • - Days to Harvest: 40
  • - Gourmet, baby-sized nuggets of crunchy flavor
  • - Each 3-Inch Pot contains 4 Little Fingers Carrot Plants
Plant Features

Little Fingers Carrot Plants produce extra sweet, baby carrots that make nutritious snacks for any occasion. They are perfect for fresh eating raw or cooking and make tasty additions to any salad. Carrots can be harvested at any state but are fully mature when the tops start dying back or carrots reach 4-6 inches in length. This heirloom variety is known to hold well after harvest and can be grown in container or directly into the garden.

Our Little Fingers Carrot  Plants are grown with a commitment to natural methods, ensuring they're healthy and robust. Guaranteed to arrive alive and thriving!

Carrot Companion Plants: Onion, Rosemary, Sage

Attribute name Attribute value
Plant Needs
Sunlight 6+ hours
Watering Needs Water when the top 1 inch of soil is dry
Soil Properties Loose, Well-drained
Tolerates Sandy soil
Fertilizer Every 3-4 weeks
Growing Zones 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Attribute name Attribute value
Plant Characteristics
When to harvest When top of the root is 1 inch in diameter
Production Time Single Picking
Habit Upright
Foliage Color Green
Garden Styles Container Garden
Plant Used for Food Production
Plant Type Heirloom

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Top Reviews

Another great buy

Growjoy is fast becoming my favorite place to shop for vegetable plants. They provide great products for great prices. I was so impressed with the little fingers carrots I planted in the spring that I ordered more for the fall. Great tasting carrot.

From Cornelius | October 10, 2023


Growing nicely. Very pleased. how they arrived.

From anonymous | October 05, 2023


Didn't think I could grow carrots in my container garden but then found baby carrots! Plants were beautiful upon delivery and doing well. Can't wait to harvest

From anonymous | October 07, 2022


Came early and looks great

From anonymous | October 02, 2022

Fall Garden

I bought these for my wife and am thrilled with the service and the plants. Looking forward to a great harvest.

From Cornelius | September 26, 2022

Literally Little Fingers

I was a little surprised how few carrots/small the plants seemed for the price but we'll see how the yields are.

From Britney | August 13, 2022

Very healthy plants

All of the plants that I purchased though GrowJoy arrived very healthy! They are growing happily in our garden!! I highly recommend GrowJoy for your garden plants!

From Gail | June 09, 2022

Nice plants

The customer service is wonderful, and the quality of the plants are very healthy and ready to plant.

From Laura | May 18, 2022


Excellent plants

From anonymous | April 24, 2022

Healthy carrots

Carrots were very green and full. Survived a transplant into a pot.

From Brendan | October 07, 2021

Doing good

The plant arrived in good condition and is currently doing well

From Ann Marie | May 02, 2021

So sweet!

I’ve never grown carrots before and decided to give it a try. The plants arrived in great shape. The packing is the best I’ve ever seen. The plants are growing beautifully.

From Elizabeth | October 20, 2020


My order was perfect and the service was perfect. I did ask some questions concerning carrots after thinning them concerning limping and they said that is normal This was very helpful

From anonymous | August 11, 2020

Perfect purchase

Great experience. Plants arrived intact. Can't wait for my next purchase.

From Anthony | August 02, 2020


This is awesome!

From anonymous | May 26, 2020

Looks great

Every thing that I ordered turned up on time, and in great condition! Extremely healthy plants!

From Kristine | May 08, 2020

Little finger carrots

Healthy plants

From Jeff | May 07, 2020


First time ordering from GrowJoy and I am impressed! Carrot plants were shipped on time and packaged perfectly for transplant to my raised bed! Can’t wait for harvest time!!

From Brian | May 04, 2020

Love the taste

These are so delicious

From Judy | May 03, 2020

First time Carrot grower.

Within in 7 days of receiving my carrots I put them in the containers and have already seen new growth. This may not sound amazing to experienced growers but I am a guy who can not successfully grow moldy bread. Go ahead laugh but its true. Anyway Grow Joy has something great going on here and its because of the quality of the product they grow and sell as well as the quality of the product they ship there product in. When I opened my carrot plants they looked like they came out of a picture. Thank you Grow Joy keep up the quality and the good work. I gave 4 stars only because I have not seen the end product. I will give another review and if I killed them or the Iguanas get them I will be honest and tell you. Thanks again Grow Joy and I look forward to my next purchase from you.

From anonymous | October 08, 2019


Plant arrived very quickly and in great shape.

From Erin | September 25, 2019

Healthy plants👍

These carrots arrived in fantastic condition & are thriving in my garden😁

From Joanne | August 01, 2019

Well packaged

This is my first year at elevated vegetable gardening. I look forward to trying these out in a summer salad.

From Judy | May 04, 2019

Re: Little Fingers Carrot (Live Plant)

Well, my little plant is still struggling. So far, it's still standing tough. We have rain everyday and I thought that I was going to lose my plant but so far so good.

From Florence | June 01, 2018

Beautiful carrots

Looking forward to see how they grow and taste. So far so good.

From Elizabeth | May 20, 2018

Little Fingers Carrot

Good quick service and swift delivery of well-packaged plants. Securely-packaged plants (carrots), and a free flower as well! Can't yet tell if the carrots will survive, but if they don't that's my fault.

From Stephen | July 31, 2017

Arrived Perfect

So well packed, very clever packaging, well-hydrated, healthy plants arrived. Every Little Fingers Carrot plant was good. One day later, unpacked, in the shade to give them light, but not too much stress ... they were growing like crazy w/ new leaves!

From Gwen | July 10, 2017

Vegetables plants

I have to say I was hesitant to buy plants before seeing them let alone from a place far away from me. So many things ran through my mind how do they ship them and keep them alive etc.. but I have to say I was so happy when I received them- Little Fingers Carrot plant- they look great and healthiest plants I have ever purchased. I planted them right away and they are doing great. It was so worth it will definitely buy from them again.

From Melanie | May 19, 2017

So cute

When this plant came in it was healthy and alive. I planted it a few days later and added some fertilizer, it now has tons of new growth and continues to get bigger each day. I ordered two more plants.

From Lb | May 20, 2016

Little Fingers Carrot

Item showed up alive and in time, appear to be in good condition and 2 weeks of being planted now.

From Brenda | April 28, 2016

Only time will tell

These Little Fingers carrot plants showed up in great condition. They seem to be taking to our raised beds well as they were planted mid summer. Only time will tell how big and meaty they will get.

From Robin | August 06, 2015

First time with carrot seedlings

These seedlings arrived great, first time receiving carrot seedling plants I separated them and planted took a few days to perk back up but growing. I also grew some carrots from seed in my garden.

From Linda | June 10, 2015

My sons Favorite

I am a 1st time gardener in Wisconsin and having the ability to do my research online and order online is the exact convenience I needed. All carrot plants arrived in awesome condition and are doing great.

From Natasha | May 25, 2015

Little Fingers Carrot Plant

Plants arrived safely, were packed amazingly well and looked very healthy! I planted them two days after their arrival and they are doing great!

From Jessica | May 08, 2015

Great experience

The shipping was fast and the Little Fingers Carrot plants were perfect. I'll be ordering again. Thanks!

From Kennisha | October 31, 2014

Carrots galore!!!

I bought sooo many Little Fingers carrots, they came in great shape and held up well during transplant. Can't wait to put these in my salads!!!

From Robin | May 19, 2014

Need more carrot plants

Only order one of these Little Fingers, need to do 5 times this, they seem to be taking off.

From Holly | May 18, 2014


For ME I don't like carrots....but I grow them to put into the dog treats I make with carrots. GrowJoy plants even make my DOGS happy!! WHAT a COMPANY !!

From anonymous | August 08, 2013

carrot plants thriving

Snipped off wilted leaves upon arrival and it seems to still be growing. We will see. But stalks appear straight.

From Yvonne | June 13, 2013

AMAZING QUALITY AND Healthy Carrot Plants!

Back to buy more! I'm so Happy that after a full month and my plants 4 to 5 x their size, I am back to order again. My garden is 20 x 12 and 4 x 12. with about 16 varieties of each and my biggest and best all from GrowJoy. If you are considering online vegetables, look no further. Great shipping, impeccable arrivals all are stunning!

From Janis | May 26, 2013

carrots carrots

Planted the little seedlings and they're coming up nicely...we will surely buy them again.

From anonymous | May 17, 2013

First time

My son loves carrots and this is our first time and they are doing great

From Marlene | May 13, 2013

Great carrots

Loved the way you delivered my Little Finger carrot plants.

From francis | May 10, 2013


2nd year ordered carrot and radish plants. a great way to start a salad garden.

From Bonnie | April 28, 2013

Carrot Plants

My order of carrot plants arrived in good condition.

From Phyllis | April 17, 2013

Carrot plants

The carrot plants were shipped out and received in a few days. They were in good condition, well-packed, neat shipping container. The carrots are planted and doing well. Thank you.

From Constance | March 21, 2013

looks great so far

these are baby carrots already started and they look fine

From tom | September 17, 2012

very good

these are going great should be ready to eat in a few weeks..

From anonymous | September 17, 2012

Beautiful large starters.

Great starter plants. Can't wait till they come in. From all the rest of the plants and what they produced, I know we will love them too.

From Rudolph | July 22, 2012