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Mexican Gold Bidens Plant

  • -Beggarticks
  • -Height: 8-10 inches
  • -Growing Zone: 2-11
  • -Exposure: Full Sun
  • -Bloom Time: Spring-Fall
  • -Each 3-Inch Pot contains 1 Mexican Gold Bidens Plant
Plant Features

The Mexican Gold Bidens Plant is a radiant jewel in the garden, celebrated for its brilliant, golden-yellow flowers that shine like the sun. This variety is particularly noted for its lush, vibrant blooms that cover the plant in a dazzling display of color from early spring until the first frost. Its compact and spreading habit makes it an excellent choice for adding a splash of brightness to borders, containers, and hanging baskets, where its cheerful demeanor can fully manifest.

Adaptable and easy to grow, the Mexican Gold Bidens thrives in full sun, showcasing an exceptional tolerance to heat and drought conditions once established. This resilience makes it a favored option for gardeners in search of low-maintenance yet high-impact plants. The Mexican Gold Bidens' ability to flourish with minimal care allows even the most novice gardeners to enjoy its splendid blooms without the fuss.

Beyond its stunning visual appeal, the Mexican Gold Bidens plays a crucial role in the garden ecosystem by attracting pollinators. Its flowers are a haven for bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects, enhancing biodiversity and promoting healthy pollination across your garden. This aspect not only supports the environment but also ensures the vitality of surrounding plants.

Companion Planting: Calibrachoa

Attribute name Attribute value
Plant Needs
Sunlight 6+ hours
Overwinter Zones 9, 10, 11
Soil Moisture Moist
Soil Properties Well-drained
Fertilizer Twice per week
Attribute name Attribute value
Plant Characteristics
Height Category Medium
Mature Spread 10-12 inches
Habit Mounded
Flower Color Yellow
Foliage Color Green
Attracts Bees
Features Heat tolerant
Garden Styles Container Garden
Plant Used for Aesthetic Appeal, Borders and Edging, Filler
Pet Friendly Yes
Plant Type Hybrid