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Product reviews for Bristol White Perennial Mum Plant

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Existing reviews
Happy,healthy plant
This lovely,healthy plant is thriving and growing happily in my flower bed.It arrived so incredibly well packaged.Thank you!
LYNDA | 8/20/2021 5:44 PM
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Review of Mum plants
I was very impressed with the size and quality of the plants when they came. I planted them right away, but, of course they have not gown enough to bloom yet, but they do have some buds. Look forward to seeing the results.
Verla | 7/5/2021 6:45 AM
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The mums arrived safely and were packaged well. This one had buds on it when I opened the package. It is now planted in a container on my balcony along with the other mum I ordered. So far so good. Will send a picture when they bloom.
Dianne L | 8/23/2019 5:05 AM
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I watered them right after they arrived and they really perked up. Now they are growing beautifully!
| 7/23/2019 7:46 PM
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Beautiful white blooms
I ordered these in early July and planted them as soon as I received them, into the ground in a south-facing garden bed. They took well to the soil and the foliage grew at an average pace. Then the buds began to form, I'd say around Sept-Oct. Every day I'd go outside expecting to see open blooms. I never saw them open, but any day I kept thinking. Then one day I actually inspected them up close. We have wild rabbits that have eaten away at so many of my plantings, and sure enough, I saw that many of my mum stems (including the newly forming buds) had clearly been chopped away by rabbits. I immediately potted all of the mums I'd planted, and now, about 1-2 weeks later, the Bristol white mums have filled out quite nicely with plenty of open blooms. These are beautiful and I will likely buy more next year!
Michelle | 11/12/2018 1:08 PM
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Bristol White Perennial Mum
These beautiful big mum plants are so healthy! I look forward to all the buds opening into large white blooms to shine with the orange mums we received too!
Nancy | 8/11/2018 6:38 PM
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Healthy plants
Plants arrived healthy as always and are in the ground. We had a hot summer shower so they were boosted extra.
| 7/9/2018 11:23 AM
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Great packing and amazingly timed shipping. Best plant website to buy from!!! Bristol White Mum is nestled and growing well, can't wait to see it bloom!
Sara | 8/16/2015 12:03 PM
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Mum Plants
I ordered 12 Mum plants from GrowJoy  and even though they haven't bloomed yet they came in in wonderful and healthy states. Am pleased so far and planted they still look very healthy. Can't wait for the blooms!  
| 6/5/2015 8:45 AM
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Great Plants
I wish I had known about GrowJoy  years ago. I ordered 9 Perennial Mum plants. I thought I would have to wait a couple of years for flowers, but a couple of them had buds when I got them. I have had them a couple of weeks and I can't believe how they have grown. I don't need to shop anywhere else now for my garden needs. Thank you so much.  
Ramona | 8/7/2012 12:37 PM
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Great Product, Great Delivery
Packaging was great, received the Perennial Mum in fresh condition, on time.
Timothy | 8/6/2012 6:26 AM
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