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Smart Romance Lily Plant

  • - Oriental Lily
  • - Height: 3-4 feet
  • - Hardiness Zone: 3-8
  • - Exposure: Full Sun
  • - Bloom Time: June-July
  • - Every order comes complete with a large, Grade #1 bulb, premium fertilizer for rapid growth, and comprehensive planting instructions to ensure your success.
Plant Features

Imagine delicate, blush-pink blooms, delicately kissed with deeper freckles and a golden blush at their heart. These aren't just any lilies - these are 'Smart Romance', and their intoxicating fragrance will weave a spell on your senses.

Standing tall on sturdy stems, these beauties reach 18-20 inches, perfect for adding vibrant splashes of color to your borders or filling containers with charm. But don't be fooled by their compact size  - their blooms burst open to an impressive 6-8 inches, showcasing their delicate beauty for all to admire.

Planting them is a breeze! Simply find them a spot bathed in sunlight with moist, well-drained soil, and watch them magically come to life. A little fertilizer during their growing season and regular watering are all they need to shower you with their enchanting blooms.

And when you want to bring a piece of their magic indoors, simply cut a stem (they hold their heads high!) and watch your home transform into a fragrant oasis. 'Smart Romance' lilies are the perfect stars of any vase, adding a touch of elegance and romance to every room.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own these captivating beauties! Pre-order your 'Smart Romance' lilies today and let their vibrant blooms and intoxicating fragrance light up your summer.

Embrace the romance, order your 'Smart Romance' lilies now!

Lily Companion Plants: Agastache, Roses, Salvia, Veronica

Lily Plant Care Instructions: Apply mulch around the plant after it sprouts in the spring to maintain cool and moist roots. Use a high-potassium fertilizer every three weeks until 6 weeks after flowering. Keep the foliage in place after blooming to allow for photosynthesis and strengthen the bulb. Cut the foliage back to the ground when the leaves turn yellow in late fall.