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Solenia Begonias: A Colorful and Low-Maintenance Choice for Your Garden

Solenia Begonias are a standout variety in the wonderful world of begonias. Best known for their profusion of blossoms and adaptability to various lighting conditions, Solenia Begonias are a superb choice for gardeners seeking low-maintenance production of the most stunning plants. These begonia plants are prized for their amazingly bright, rose-like blooms and frilly, waxy leaves, displaying a unique aesthetic appeal.




Vibrant Blooms: Solenia Begonias boast large, double flowers remarkedly resembling roses. They come in brilliant shades of orange, red, pink, and yellow. These vibrant begonia blooms create a spectacular display from spring through fall.

Waxy Leaves: The foliage of Solenia Begonias is waxy, and either serrated or frilled…or both. The shiny wax-like leaves are the perfect backdrop for the brilliant blossom colors.

Growth and Size: Typically reaching 12-15 inches in height, Solenia Begonias are ideal for hanging baskets, patio or deck planters, and direct in-ground flowerbed planting.


For Optimal Growth:

Light: Unlike most begonias, Solenia thrives in full sun to partial shade, making them wonderfully versatile for just about any garden spot.

Watering: This begonia variety prefers drier conditions. Once established, water sparingly and allow the soil to dry out somewhat between waterings.

Soil: Opt for well-draining soil to ensure the healthiest plants. If growing in a container, be sure to choose a pot with drainage holes. If growing outside, amending your soil with perlite or compost will improve drainage.


Care Tips:

Low Maintenance: Solenia Begonias require minimal care. These plants provide eye-popping beauty with very little tending. If you are seeking easy-to-care-for plants, these begonias are for you.

Disease Resistance: Solenias are tolerant of the most usual begonia diseases and are resilient to common garden pests.

Rabbit and Allelopathic Resistance: These begonia plants are resistant to rabbits and are unaffected by allelopathic (pronounced: al-lelo-pathic ) biochemicals from black walnut trees.


Show Them Off:

Versatile Planting Options: Excellent for use in patio containers, hanging baskets, flower beds, borders, or mass-planted for a show-stopping, vivid display of color and texture.

Container and Garden Performance: Solenia Begonias have a trailing/mounded habit, which makes them outstanding in containers and in garden settings. Picture them planted along your retaining wall!

Solenia Begonias are not just another flower; they are a testament to their beauty, resilience, and versatility in your outdoor spaces. Their easy-care nature, combined with their gorgeous appearance, makes them a very smart choice for aesthetically pleasing displays.

We suggest you look at 'Solenia Orange' and 'Solenia Pink', as both have been recognized as Plants of Distinction, a testimony to their exceptional qualities. Uniquely bred for full sun exposure, they will continue to blossom throughout the summer, making them a fantastic choice for those sunny spots that need a bright pop of color.

Transform your garden spaces with the exciting, enduring beauty of Solenia® Begonias!