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Stoll's Purple Martin Book

Purple Martin fans already know the joys of having colonies of these songbirds in their back yards, and they appreciate the payoff of caring for these dedicated insect eaters. For novice birders, this is a species you'll want to learn about, and why not learn from one of the world's experts? There is an art to attracting and caring for Purple Martins, and Victor Stoll shares his lifetime of expertise in Stoll's Purple Martin Book.
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Victor Stoll has been housing and studying Purple Martins since his childhood. He has maintained the largest known colony of Purple Martins in North America!

Purple Martins are not only stunning and fascinating birds, but they play a crucial role in keeping the population of high-flying insects at bay. Leaning on Victor Stoll's lifetime of experience as a Purple Martin landlord, you'll learn everything you need to know to attract and maintain colonies of your own.

Furnishing safe and inviting man-made Purple Martin Houses is necessary to keep this near-endangered species coming back each spring. Stoll educates both experienced and new landlords on available types of housing, placement of gourds or multi-compartment units, and how to care for these guests and their nests. Stoll's Purple Martin Book is an indispensable handbook that is written in simple, family-friendly language, and it's filled with crisp four-color photos, making it easy to identify the birds, their ideal habitats, and their predators.

This book is a must for every birder's library, and it's an enjoyable read for anyone interested in nature and the amazing habits of birds.