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SunPatiens: Unstoppable Flower Power for Sun or Shade!

Are you pondering how to add some color to your shady garden spots or covered patio? SunPatiens may be the answer to fill your pots or flower garden with brilliant hues of nonstop color from spring through fall. Besides making a great choice for your shady flower bed, you’re in the right spot for some expert growing tips!

Not only are SunPatiens® the first Impatiens that can grow in full sun or shade, they cannot be beat for easy care and always-on color. Requiring just 4-hours of sunlight daily and regular watering, these carefree garden favorites are virtually maintenance free, providing a whole lot of bang for your buck! These Impatiens are bred specifically to withstand harsh sun, and though performing their best in full sun to partial shade, they will also blossom in full shade, just not quite as much. So plant them, step back, and enjoy the exceptional display these sun and shade-loving Impatiens will deliver!



How to Grow SunPatiens

SunPatiens can be grown in baskets or containers and as bedding plants in flower beds. With their strong, durable root systems, SunPatiens grow quickly and fill in rapidly. These hybrid Impatiens have sturdy stems that can tolerate high heat and humidity, rain, and wind. It seems that frost is their only nemesis. And these annual (perennial in USDA Zones 10-12) flowering plants are bred to be resistant to downy mildew!


How Much Sun?

The location can receive either full sun or as little as a few hours of sunlight; the variegated leaf varieties are the best option for locations with full shade. To achieve the very the best performance, plant your SunPatiens in well-draining soil. If you have a heavy clay soil, we recommend that you amend it with peat moss or compost when transplanting. If you are growing your SunPatiens in pots, then be sure there is a drain hole in the bottom of the container.


Watering SunPatiens

During the first few weeks following transplant, do not allow the soil around the SunPatiens to dry out. If you notice wilting, increase the amount of water you are applying. It is best to water early in the day so that it has time to really sink in before the heat of the day evaporates it. If mulch is used, avoid mounding too much too close to the base of your plants, as this may result in stem rot.


Feeding & Pruning SunPatiens

SunPatiens do not require much fertilizer. If a liquid fertilizer is used, only apply 1/3 of the recommended dose and do not apply more than every 2-3 weeks. If a slow-release fertilizer is used, apply at half the rate, as too much fertilizer may result in less flower production and leaf-tip burn.

In most cases, SunPatiens do not need to be cut back to control their size; however, if they get taller than desired by late summer, they can be cut back by taking off the top 1/3 of growth. We recommend that you do your pruning just before the sun goes down so as not to heat-stress your Impatiens plants. New leaves and flowers will cover old blooms, so there is no need to remove old flowers or cut off older growth. These babies are self-cleaning!


Now that you know how to grow them, you only need to choose your favorite color; there are a lot to choose from! Browse our SunPatiens® selection here, and get ready to enjoy the unstoppable flower show these SunPatiens will put on for you…and anyone who happens by!