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Sweet Surrender Lily Plant

  • - Asiatic Lily
  • - Height: 24-36 inches
  • - Hardiness Zone: 3-8
  • - Exposure: Full Sun
  • - Bloom Time: June-July
  • - Every order comes complete with a large, Grade #1 bulb, premium fertilizer for rapid growth, and comprehensive planting instructions to ensure your success.
Plant Features

Surrender to the bewitching beauty of Lilies Asiatic 'Sweet Surrender'! These captivating lilies unfold a mesmerizing floral display, guaranteed to transform your garden into an oasis of summer charm.

Imagine clusters of creamy-white blooms, delicately kissed with a golden sunrise hue, gracing your flowerbeds. As they mature, these ethereal blossoms morph into a radiant white, each one adorned with charming maroon freckles, like playful winks from nature. The blooms, gracefully facing upwards, outwards, and downwards, resemble dainty trumpets heralding the arrival of summer. And while many Asiatic lilies boast a powerful fragrance, 'Sweet Surrender' offers a delightful reprieve, allowing other floral scents in your garden to shine.

These elegant lilies stand tall at 2 to 3 feet, their lush green foliage creating a perfect canvas for the vibrant floral artistry above. 'Sweet Surrender' thrives in both full sun and partial shade, readily adapting to well-drained, fertile soil. Plant them in late fall, and watch them weave their magic throughout the following summer. Regular watering, especially during dry spells, and occasional fertilization are all it takes to keep these beauties flourishing.

Bring a touch of versatile charm to your garden with Lilies Asiatic 'Sweet Surrender'. Picture them adding height and drama to your borders and perennial beds, their graceful stems swaying in the breeze. Imagine snipping a few long-lasting blooms to create breathtaking bouquets and arrangements that will steal the show. Or, envision them gracing your patio or balcony in elegant containers, transforming your outdoor space into a serene sanctuary.

'Sweet Surrender' is more than just a lily; it's an experience. It's the promise of effortless beauty, summer elegance, and endless floral enchantment. So, click 'add to cart' today and let these captivating lilies weave their magic into your garden!

Lily Companion Plants: Agastache, Roses, Salvia, Veronica

Lily Plant Care Instructions: Apply mulch around the plant after it sprouts in the spring to maintain cool and moist roots. Use a high-potassium fertilizer every three weeks until 6 weeks after flowering. Keep the foliage in place after blooming to allow for photosynthesis and strengthen the bulb. Cut the foliage back to the ground when the leaves turn yellow in late fall.

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