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Vegetables & Flowerbeds Mix by PRO-MIX - 32 Quart

PRO-MIX® for Vegetables & Flowerbeds is a ready-made, peat/bark–based growing mix that is specially formulated for vegetable plants, flowerbeds and potting. It is ideal for amending low nutrient, poor quality soils.
Plant Features

This planting mix for Vegetables & Flowerbeds contains natural ingredients including MYCORISE® — a Biological Growth Enhancer that increases the yield of flower, fruit and vegetable plants by extending the root system to capture available nutrients in the soil.

For ground transplanting application, dig every hole approximately 2 times the width and 1 1/2 times the height of the plant root ball. Fill each planting hole with PRO-MIX till the root ball is level with existing soil. Then fill in around plant with PRO-MIX. Water thoroughly.

For potting use, moisten PRO-MIX prior to use, taking care not to put plant too deep; not more than 1/2 inch of PRO-MIX should be above the root ball. Lightly press the mix around root ball to eliminate air pockets and to firm plant into the container. Water the plant thoroughly after initial planting. Keep PRO-MIX moist for the first several weeks after transplanting. 

PRO-MIX for Vegetables & Flowerbeds contains:

  • Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss    
  • Limestone 
  • Composted Softwood Bark   
  • Mycorise® Biological Growth Enhancer
  • Perlite   
  • Wetting Agent

We recommend closing the bag after each use to avoid potential contamination from pathogens, insects or chemical products.

Each bag of PRO-MIX for Vegetables & Flowerbeds contains 32 quarts of growing medium.