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Bush Crop Cucumber Plant

  • - Spacing: 24 inches
  • - Days to Harvest: 50
  • - The ideal cucumber for containers
  • - Each 3-Inch Pot contains 2 Bush Crop Cucumber Plants
Plant Features

Bush Crop Cucumber Plants grow very short vines, only 1-2-feet long, yet produce generous amounts of 6-8-inch slicing cucumbers that are crunchy and delicious. They are an excellent good choice for gardeners with limited space. This heirloom variety is easy to grow and offers excellent disease resistance.

Our Bush Crop Cucumber Plants are grown with a commitment to natural methods, ensuring they're healthy and robust. Guaranteed to arrive alive and thriving!

Cucumber Companion Plants: Bean, Corn, Pea, Radish, Sunflower

Attribute name Attribute value
Plant Needs
Sunlight 8+ hours
Watering Needs Consistently moist, but not waterlogged
Soil Properties Well-drained
Tolerates Sandy soil
Fertilizer Every 3-4 weeks
Growing Zones 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Attribute name Attribute value
Plant Characteristics
When to harvest When fruits are 6-8 inches long
Production Time Multiply Pickings
Habit Mounded
Foliage Color Green
Garden Styles Container Garden
Plant Used for Food Production
Disease Resistance Scab (S)
Plant Type Open-Pollinated

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Top Reviews


I love growing cucumbers. Plant arrived well packaged without damage.

From Melanie | August 19, 2023

Just now showing fruit

Plant appears healthy but a bit slow to fruit

From Kathleen | August 10, 2023


Plant came with strong root system and already has new leaves.

From anonymous | July 30, 2023

Thriving Bush Cucumber plants

Beautiful Healthy plants, already producing many flowers!!

From anonymous | July 06, 2023

Arrived very healthy

Packaging kept plants safe and healthy

From Gary | July 04, 2023

Bush Cucumber

Planted in a container and it is the most beautiful cucumber plant I have had in years! Many blooms and tiny cucumbers coming along, and I just planted it less than 6 weeks ago.

From Linda | June 28, 2023

Healthy And Vigorous Vines

New product to me this year. Arrived in great condition and vines just keep going!

From Tracy | June 19, 2023

Cucumber Plants

Came to me perfectly packaged and very lovely plants. I have already planted and doing fine. Thank You.

From DANNY | May 04, 2023

Bush crop cucumber

Need more time to be honest. But they were.in great shape when they arrived.

From Armanda | October 01, 2022


Huge cuke so far..but only one. LONG BIG VINE!

From anonymous | August 13, 2022


It arrived well packaged and lush. Unfortunately I had to give it to a friend because I misread the description of the plant. I needed something more bushy and less vining.

From Jennifer | July 15, 2022

The best!

Plants came very healthy, grows quickly and produces lots of cucumbers 6 - 8' long. I will be buying these every year, they are the best.

From Dale | July 06, 2022

Big beautiful plants

These are growing wonderfully. Lots of small cucumbers already.

From Rebecca | June 21, 2022

Bush cucumber plant

This is my second year buying this cucumber plant it yields so many delicious cucumbers ever Love all the vegetables I have gotten thanks.

From Sophie | June 19, 2022


This plant arrived quickly during the proper planting time. It’s planted and thriving beautifully. I can’t wait to see the harvest!

From Kathleen | June 08, 2022

Bush cucumber and tomato plants

Never bought from them before. My plants came well packed and in perfect condition. Nice size plants. I will be buying from them again.

From Sharon | May 02, 2022

Very happy!

This cucumber plant arrived packed well & was very healthy. I planted it & it's growing so fast! I'm very happy with it.

From Angela | April 03, 2022

Bush Crop Cucumber

Plant was in secure packaging, arrived undamaged, although a bit droopy. Watered 10 minutes later leaves standing tall. Been in ground about a week now showing new growth and possibly flower buds forming. Very Happy.

From Mr | April 01, 2022


I was excited to finally find a cucumber to that would not be too large. I am going to buy another one. It was healthy and already have blooms. Should be a success. I appreciate the excellent customer service too. Thanks

From GLORIA | September 27, 2021

Great even in containers

I am really impressed with this variety. On a whim, I ordered plants late in the season after my gherkins met with some bunnies. The plants arrived with flowers and quickly produced large, tasty cucumbers even though I planted them in large pots on my deck (away from hungry bunnies).

From Ann | September 07, 2021

Healthy Plant

The cucumber plant arrived healthy. I planted it in a container pot and within 2 weeks it has doubled in size.

From Kerry | July 23, 2021


Very healthy growing in window box with lots of blossoms and 2 young cucumbers!!!!

From Mari | July 19, 2021

Large cukes!

I purchased a Bush Crop Cucumber Plant for my daughter, She want some cucumbers for salads. This bush produced huge cucumbers!! She was a first time grower and was very pleased with her success!

From Carol | July 16, 2021

Love this Bush Crop Cucumber

I purchased these in 2020 and they did so well, that I purchased even more for this year. Even though I recently received them, they are growing and already have flowers and a few small cucumbers. PERFECT for us CONTAINER GARDENERS. Can't wait to pick my first batch.

From Maria | June 25, 2021

strong cucks

They plants have not yet taken off but the leaves have turned a dark dark healthy green. they are just getting ready to take off.

From Christopher | June 01, 2021

Bush Crop Cucumber Plant

These cucumbers were the best tasting we ever grew! We harvested one every few days while they were small and tender, just the right size for our salads for two. Thank You, GrowJoy! Nancy Gebhardt

From Nancy | February 05, 2021


shipped well

From Tania | July 22, 2020

Power prodcer

She gives me at least two cucumbers a day. Best cucumbers ever

From Shaina | July 06, 2020


Plants arrived in Great shape

From anonymous | May 04, 2020


First time ordering from GrowJoy and I am impressed! Cucumber plants were shipped on time and packaged perfectly for transplant to my raised bed! Can’t wait for harvest time!!

From Brian | May 04, 2020

Seedling Very tenuous - hopefully will do well

I ordered several plants including tomatoes, peppers, basil and this cucumber plant. All of them arrived hearty and robust as seedlings in the packaging, except this little guy. He was not damaged in transit, but just very small without much height. Since planting, I am having a little trouble getting its tiny leaves to stay out of the potting mix. I think it will be alright in the end, but giving it extra care right now at the start.

From Margaret | May 02, 2020

Wonderful plants!

This is my first order at GrowJoy and I am so happy about it! Plants arrived fast, well protected and looked fresh. Already placed another order...😊

From Radmila | April 23, 2020


Produces tons of cukes

From anonymous | June 18, 2019

Bush Crop Cucumber Plant


From Linda | May 30, 2019

Growing like crazy

Little cuke plants are happily growing in my garden. Came beautifully and carefully wrapped. Recommend.

From Denise | April 17, 2019

Great product

I ordered the Bush Crop Cucumber Plants the plants arrive strong and healthy will buy more plants from Grow Joy

From Thomas | March 30, 2019

Bush Crop Cucumber

Cucumber plants arrived in Great shape. They are growing every day. Can't wait to see cucumbers all over the plants

From anonymous | August 31, 2018

Bush Crop Cucumber (Live Plant)

This Bush Crop Cucumber is a replacement plant. Because the first one I received died about a week after planting it. I called GrowJoy and told them what occurred with the first plant they sent. And they sent out a replacement right away. The replacement plant is growing great. This has been the first year that I have ordered from GrowJoy and so far have been completely satisfied with their products and service.

From Robert | June 02, 2018

excellent plants

healthy and ready to plant. great website to order plants!!

From Mary | June 02, 2018


Arrived well and is flourishing

From Chad | May 16, 2018

Very good service

I received very good service and excellent plants

From ROBERT | May 12, 2018

As promised

Great shipping in a timely manner. Had an issue with the plants that I created on my own, but they still replaced them for me. Great to deal with.

From bill | April 21, 2018


The Bush Crop Cucumber plants came in good packaging and were as expected but shipping took almost 2 wks. Would buy from them again.

From anonymous | May 16, 2016

Bush Crop Cucumber Plant

The plant looks great! Looking forward to a good crop.

From Mary | May 14, 2016

Cu Cu For Cucumbers

The Bush Crop Cucumber plants came quickly and in good order. I put them in the ground and they have really taken off. I expect them to do very well...thank you again for a fast, accurate and well done job GrowJoy ! I will continue to do business with you because of the trust developed over the years.

From Chad | October 20, 2015

Excellent Bush Crop Cucumber

Came up great arrived great lots of fruit already.

From David | June 16, 2015

Bush Crop Cucumber Plant

Received plant in great condition and packaged well. It is growing great.

From Julie | June 07, 2015


I was a little nervous about ordering plants online. It however allowed me the opportunity to get what would work in my garden. As a 1st time Wisconsin gardener I needed time to do my research and standing outside going from plant to plant at a garden store did not fit with my schedule. All plants arrived in excellent shape and they are all thriving!

From anonymous | May 25, 2015

Awesome Bush Crop Cucumber Plants

I can't say enough about the quality of the plants I receive from GrowJoy . This is my second year of purchasing and all I can say is, I wish I would have done so earlier! The quality of the plants upon arrival is unbelievable. They are strong and vigorous and ready to plant. I was quite pleased with the quantity and yield of these plants. I love GrowJoy!

From Pam | May 17, 2015

Bush Crop Cukes

I use Earthboxes on a high-rise balcony and don't have ability to start my own seedlings so I ordered some online. I was apprehensive as to whether they Would arrive intact. I was intrigued when I saw how they were packed. They arrived healthy and I think next year I will order more from this source.

From Anita M | May 16, 2015

Bush Crop Cucumber

Plants arrived safely, were packed amazingly well and looked very healthy! I planted them two days after their arrival and they are doing great!

From Jessica | May 08, 2015

Bush Crop

The Bush Crop Cucumber Plant was a beautiful plant. Deliver great quality.

From Ora | April 09, 2015

very happy

This is my first time using GrowJoy. Some of the plants were crushed in shipping. I contacted them and they were happy replace them. Their Bush Crop Cucumber Plants are healthy and I am very happy with them. I highly recommend them.

From Richard | April 09, 2015

Cucumber Plant

This is a difficult plant to find in the fall-I was pleased you had it, and it arrived in great conditioning, careful packaging, and it's healthy and growing in my indoor grow box. Thanks so much!

From Maria | October 09, 2014

Bush Crop Cucumber Plant

Terrific quality plant arrived on time, well packaged, and great customer service! I look forward to future purchases from GrowJoy !

From Justin | August 08, 2014

excellent Bush Crop Cucumber!

Well I bought Cherry Tomatoes, three different kinds of Peppers, Asparagus, Lettuce, and now Cucumber plants. All are healthy and larger than I have seen in any store selling veggie plants. I see little Cucumbers as well as Peppers and Tomatoes when I received them. They are growing fast in the larger pots I put them in until I assemble my box garden this week. GrowJoy has quality plants and I am hooked. I won't get plants from anyone else. Thanks GrowJoy !

From Eileen | July 05, 2014

Bush Crop Cucumber Plants

The Cucumber plants are full of blooms and healthy plants. Thank you for quality plants!

From June | June 21, 2014

new variety for me

Can't wait for harvest and then on to canning the Bush Crop Cucumber.

From fred | June 18, 2014

Bush Crop Cucumber Plant

The plant arrived in excellent condition, well packaged. After planting in my garden, cucumber plant is thriving very nicely. I'm very happy with GrowJoy's products and service.

From David | June 12, 2014

Awesome Cucumber!

My Bush Crop Cuke plants are still perky and thriving quite well since I planted them one and a half weeks ago.

From Inez Zoe Esters | June 05, 2014

great value

The Bush Crop cucumber plant arrived in great condition.

From anonymous | June 05, 2014

Really vigorous right out of the box

Really healthy cucumber plants and well-packed, as usual.

From Kimberly | June 01, 2014


I received the Bush Crop plant without any problems. Plant looked healthy when it arrived and is thriving very nicely in my garden.

From David | May 30, 2014



From linda | May 28, 2014

Cucumbers growing well

Bush Crop plants arrived nice and safe and are growing well. Let's just hope the rain stops.

From Holly | May 18, 2014


I am very pleased with my order of Bush Cucumber plants

From anonymous | May 09, 2014

Great Cucumber plants!

We are very pleased with our Bush Crop plants...they arrived quick and healthy. Highly recommended!

From Richard | May 03, 2014



From laquita | August 11, 2013


I have little cucumbers already growing...you have made this so much easier for me to grow vegetables and I will keep ordering more.

From laquita | July 25, 2013

Most prolific plant ever

I ordered the Bush Crop Cucumber plants last year and grew so many cucumbers that I actually started to grow tired of them by mid-August. However, nothing says summer like cucumbers.....so I re-ordered (of course). Love these things!!

From anonymous | June 10, 2013

Bush Crop Cucumbers

Doing great! Came in very good shape after shipping. Cucumber plants growing like crazy. I already have blooms on them!

From Kathleen | May 29, 2013

Bush Crop F1 Cucumber Plant

Amazing transport packaging, the Cucumber plants are taking to their new garden wonderfully!!

From Robin | May 27, 2013

Beautiful Cucumber Plants!

Ordered two Bush Crop Cucumber plants and got six! They had many dead leaves when they arrived but after planting and a little love they are blossoming and growing like little weeds! Thank you GrowJoy !

From LINDA | May 23, 2013

Great Cucumbers

I found the Bush Crop Cucumber plants to be exculpatory upon delivery and had a wonderful experience and will keep ordering from your company and will refer your company

From francis | May 10, 2013

Cucumber plants

I would buy from this company again. Shipping was fast. Packing of plants was done great. The price was also very good. Great job !!!

From pamela | April 20, 2013

Plants arrived healthy as promised!

The Bush Crop Cucumbers I ordered were packed very well, and arrived healthy and ready to plant! Now some water, sun, and TLC!

From Jason | October 18, 2012

healthy plants

I planted my 4 Cucumber plants the day they arrived. after less than 10 days, they already have yellow blossoms on them. they are growing really quickly and are very robust. if all your live plants perform like these, than I am a lifetime customer.

From charles | August 18, 2012

Cucumber Plants

The Bush Crop Cucumber plants came very quickly and were in great condition. They are grow well.

From Peter | August 13, 2012

Bush Crop Cucumber plant

Doing very well. Plants arrived healthy and packed well

From wolfgang | July 08, 2012

Growing well!

Like the other plants I've ordered here, this one is growing extremely well. Very sturdy and flowering. Looking forward to seeing the cucumbers soon!

From Alyson | June 23, 2012

Bush Cucumber

These also produced very nicely last year so I repeated my purchase. Again they arrived in excellent shape. GrowJoy packages the plants extremely well to survive shipping. I must advise that you be very careful to harden the plants. This year I was in a rush and over anxious, and my cucumbers paid the price. They are recovering nicely, but going from a shipping container in the dark with cool soil to full summer sun was definitely taxing.

From Michele | June 20, 2012

flowing all over!

Will have Bush Crop Cukes in no time!

From Debbie | June 18, 2012

Great Cucumbers!

Very nice Bush Crop Cucumber plants that arrived well packed, without any breakage. All were still damp and have continued thriving once moved into our garden.

From Patricia | June 18, 2012

growing good

The Bush Crop are growing and can't wait to see the cucumbers

From Dawn | June 18, 2012

Cucumbers Galore!

What a great product....the Bush Cucumber doesn't take up much room (about a 3ft radius) and the crop has been fantastic and plentiful! Can't wait to buy again next year!

From Karyn | September 07, 2011