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Sweet Baby Girl Tomato Plant

  • - Spacing: 24 inches
  • - Days to Harvest: 75
  • - Production: Determinate
  • - Produces a tender, sweet fruit like no other
  • - Each 3-Inch Pot contains 1 Sweet Baby Girl Tomato Plant
Plant Features

Sweet Baby Girl offers a compact plant that boasts crack resistant fruits and is heat tolerant. This very easy to grow variety will not disappoint!

Tomato Companion Plants: Carrot, Chive, Garlic Bulbs, Onion, Marigold, Parsley

Tomato Growing Tips

  • Watch for green caterpillars that will eat the leaves and fruits, hand pick and destroy as you find them
  • To prevent blight and other foliar diseases, it is important to avoid watering the leaves and to use Serenade Garden Disease Control or a copper fungicide as needed

Our Sweet Baby Girl Tomato Plants are grown with a commitment to natural methods, ensuring they're healthy and robust. Guaranteed to arrive alive and thriving!

Attribute name Attribute value
Plant Needs
Sunlight 6+ hours
Watering Needs Consistently moist, but not waterlogged
Soil Properties Well-drained
Tolerates Sandy soil
Fertilizer When transplanted and then every 3-4 weeks
Growing Zones 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Growing Support Cage, Netting, Stake
Attribute name Attribute value
Plant Characteristics
When to harvest When the skin yields slighty to finger pressure
Production Time Fruit ripens in a 2-3 week window
Habit Sprawling
Foliage Color Green
Plant Used for Food Production
Disease Resistance Tomato Mosiac Virus
Plant Type Open-Pollinated

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Top Reviews

Sweet baby Girl 1st time growing

As always, plants arrived in great condition. 4th week in the ground. Healthy, doing good. Starting to flower. Looking forward to these little jewels.

From Frank | June 27, 2021

Just Waiting

For these to get ripe. Looking forward to a tomato, cucumber, fresh basil salad with crumbled sharp cheese and some EVOO and red wine vinegar for dinner soon.

From Patti | July 13, 2020

Sweet Baby Girl Tomato Plant

Plant arrived healthy looking. I'm always impressed with the quality of the plants delivered. Can't wait to see it grow!

From Olga | May 08, 2020

Sweet cherry tomatoes

Healthy plant

From Jeff | May 03, 2020

New customer

all tomato plants arrived ok. Now I wait to see the results. Re-ordered more plants!

From john | March 27, 2020


These plants came healthy and appear to be in great shape! I can’t wait to get them in the ground and see how they produce. Always excellent products from GrowJoy. They are my favorite!

From anonymous | March 19, 2020

Great plants

Arrived undamaged and very healthy. Would buy again.

From Collette | March 12, 2020

Cherry Tomatoes

As always the plants you send take to the soil and take off in the sunlight..love cherry tomatoes

From Richard | June 18, 2019


I haven't tried these yet, but looking forward to it. It came in good shape ready to plant in spring!

From Michelle | May 23, 2019

Looks wonderful!

I always enjoy cherry tomatoes, so I was excited to discover this variety at Grow Joy! Can't wait to plant and enjoy this summer!

From Kathy Jo | May 17, 2019

veg. plants

I have order plants from other companies for years, I am 72, so that is a lot of years, but when I started ordering from growjoy the plants came it such good condition I could not believe it, no other companys sends plants in good condition like growjoy, I have decided to only order from growjoy from now on.

From joyce | May 03, 2019

Sweet baby girl

Shipping was prompt but package was very damaged by postal service. My little plant howeverr was ok. Planted into a bigger pot and then into my garden spot and its my best looking tomato plant! It has blooms on it already and is growing up the trellis. Can't wait to taste my sweet baby girl tomatoes. Thank you Grow Joy. Will order again!!

From Kelly | April 18, 2019

Satisfied customer

Happy with my purchase. Plants arrived healthy and quickly.

From Harry | April 13, 2018

Tomato Tomato Tomato

I planted the Sweet Baby Girl Cherry Tomato last year and got TONS of Tomatoes. Great to eat instead of potato chips!

From Robin | May 26, 2017

Sweet Baby Girl Cherry Tomato

Although I have not tasted the fruit from the plant, I look forward to doing so. These were not the first plants I received from GrowJoy, they are the first vegetable plants. I have never had any trouble. In fact I would say they arrived in as good a shape as the plants from my local garden center, Do not worry about them coming through the mail, they are well packed.

From James W. and Karen | May 08, 2017

Sweet Baby Girl Cherry Tomato

I planted these about three weeks ago and they are thriving! Already flowering and I can't wait to pick some tomatoes. Growing great!

From sandra | April 26, 2017

: Sweet Baby Girl Cherry Tomato

We get this Tomato plant every year. Performs very well in NC. Great taste! We will have tasty healthy eating, awesome on salads!

From DIANE | April 21, 2017

Sweet Baby Girl Cherry Tomato

Best company ever. We ordered these last year and had one plant that took us all the way to the first freeze. My family and neighbors loved them as well! Large yield, plenty to share! Massive plant and yield amazing.

From Jackie | April 13, 2017

Great condition

These arrived in great condition! But BOY they are growing like a weed, and I have a TON of Green Tomatoes ready to turn!!

From Robin | July 14, 2016

Great staff!

We would like to thank your staff for working with us to get our Sweet Baby Girl Cherry Tomato plants early. We have a small greenhouse and live in zone 5. We asked if we were willing to take the risk, if they would ship early, and they did! And we now have our Tomato plants planted in our greenhouse in March! Thank you!

From Doug | March 27, 2016

Sweet Baby Girl Cherry Tomato

So sweet and produce all summer.

From lynne | January 17, 2016

Sweet Baby Cherry Tomato

These plants came quickly and in good order. I put them in the ground and they have really taken off. I expect them to do very well...thank you again for a fast, accurate and well done job GrowJoy! I will continue to do business with you because of the trust developed over the years.

From Chad | October 20, 2015

Sweet Baby Girl Cherry Tomatoes

These are the best Cherry Tomatoes we have ever had. They are delicious. I am writing this the first week of August in Michigan and we have picked well over 100 tomatoes from our one plant and it is still loaded with green tomatoes. We will definitely reorder next year.

From anonymous | August 06, 2015

so sweet

The Sweet Baby Girl is a great Cherry Tomato and so prolific.

From lynne | June 06, 2015

Awesome Tomato Plants!

I can't say enough how happy I am with the Cherry Tomato plants I received. I couldn't believe the size of the plant that came in a 3 inch pot!!!

From Mary | May 14, 2015

Excellent Tomatoes

I ordered several different plants and all of them arrived within the time frame promised for delivery. They all arrived in excellent condition and a nice size. I decided to try the Sweet Baby Girl Cherry Tomatoes based on reviews - I really like the Sweet Millions and I've heard these may be even better. I highly recommend GrowJoy.

From Max | May 08, 2015

Great Condition

I ordered the Sweet Baby Girl Tomato plant with a few other live plants for the first time. I have to say I was impressed with the condition that the plants arrived in. They were strong stemmed and had healthy leaves.

From Amie | June 09, 2014

Best Cherry Tomato plants

I highly recommend GrowJoy for your gardening needs. The plants arrived as advertised, healthy and in moist soil. This is my second year ordering from them and I wouldn't even consider buying from anyone else!

From Angelia | May 30, 2014

Tomato plants really produce !!!

I have ordered my Tomato plants from GrowJoy for years now and they always produce great. I have had no problems.

From Harry | May 16, 2014

Pleased with Sweet Baby Girl

I am pleased with the condition of this Cherry Tomato plant - it is healthy and taller than I thought it would be.

From RHODA | May 01, 2014

Sweet Baby Girl Cherry Tomato

The Tomato plants were packaged very nicely and arrived ready to plant. The stalks were strong and leaves were not wilted. I watered them and planted one the next day. My planter is not ready for the other two plants and they are doing really well in the pots that they arrived in. The health of the plants was very nice. My parents are HUGE farmers in another region of Texas, and I expected my starter plants to be the size of my pinkie finger. The plants were well grown and I was very pleased!

From Katherine | April 07, 2014

Cherry Tomato Plants

Sweet Baby Girl received healthy and well packaged.

From Christine | May 31, 2013

Baby Girl Cherry Tomato is full now after 30 days!~

I'm so Happy that after a full month and my Cherry Tomato plants 4 to 5 x their size, I am back to order again. My garden is 20 x 12 and 4 x 12. with about 16 varieties of each and my biggest and best all from GrowJoy. If you are considering online vegetables, look no further. Great shipping, impeccable arrivals all stunning!

From Janis | May 26, 2013

Live Tomato Plant

My Sweet Baby Girl Cherry Tomato plant arrived in very good condition and even had blooms on it. It's condition has continued very good in it's container pot.

From Charlotte | May 24, 2013

Awesome quality

I live in CA, I get my vegetable plants from GrowJoy every year, their customer service is top notch. Very happy with all vege plants this year. The Sweet Baby Girl Tomato plant is already thriving, lots of Yellow flowers and truly disease resistant. Very happy with the plant.

From Reema | May 02, 2013

mail order vs. store bought tomato plants

In gardening for 40 years I have always bought local tomato plants, making a choice from the varieties offered to me. It's not a bad choice in the spring, but I now have a greenhouse and the fall selection leaves a lot to be desired. This is the first time I have used mail order for plants and its great. I had a good selection of varieties, they arrived in good shape a few days later, and the transplants are thriving. I will use mail order again next spring. Extremely pleased with GrowJoy.

From Gary | October 19, 2012

Sweet Baby Girl

Beautiful Cherry Tomato plant. Planted one week ago and already significant growth!

From Carol | August 24, 2012

Sweet Baby Girl Cherry Tomatoes

My plants look wonderful, have quite a few babies and blossoms, and I can't wait to enjoy my tomatoes!

From Mark | August 02, 2012

Sweet Baby Girls

Ordered Sweet Baby Girl Cherry Tomatoes after I was unable to locate any late season plants from local vendors. They arrived in a few days. Never even wilted during the transplant process, and now, less than 2 weeks later, they are growing like crazy.

From anonymous | August 02, 2012

Looking good so far

I just got my first 2 Red Cherry Tomatoes, hope to see more.

From Tamara | July 17, 2012

Cherry Tomatoes

The Sweet Baby Girls are growing quickly with lots of flowers

From John | July 08, 2012

Quick grower!

Planted a month ago and Sweet Baby Girl plant has more than tripled in size. The tomatoes are just starting to appear. It'll be great not to have to buy them at the store anymore.

From Alyson | June 23, 2012